The intention was there…

So I was going to work on the blog over the weekend…maybe next weekend?

For some reason I decided to run the Coast Trail in East Sooke park with my friend Hagen first thing on Saturday morning.  I hit the gym and bike regularly but haven’t actually ran in months…needless to say I am still in pain and can barely walk two days later!  The trail is amazing though, it runs right along the shoreline and in and out of the trees.  It’s not clearly marked, but luckily Hagen for the most part knew where he was going!  There are some parts where you have to slow down and watch your footing (you are pretty much right on the edge of a cliff looking down onto jagged rocks and ocean surf the whole way), and by the end I had to walk up the steeper, rocky parts.  It took us about and 2 hours and 20 minutes…not bad considering that the trail apparently takes 6 hours to hike!  According to CRD Park maps, the trail is 10 km from Aylard Farms to Pike Road, but I don’t think that takes into account the twisty windiness of the trail itself.  I’d say it’s more like 13 kms.  No wonder my legs won’t work!

… I also went out dancing with the girls Saturday night until 2 am AFTER the run…that also might have something to do with it!