20 km worth of beer

I wonder if two days of Beerfest will set me back in my training..I don’t even like beer, why did I go both days??

Just a sample of the 2009 Great Canadian Beer Festival go-ers

Love the homemade capes (one had “Dirt Bag” written on the back).  Other costumes included a giant banana, lots of lederhosen, and a panada.  Beerfest on Saturday has basically become a pre-Halloween party – which is fun and all – but if you are in it for the beer, Friday is your best bet; less people, less debauchery, more beer and shorter line ups.

Some of the highlights for myself, a non-beer drinker, included the black cherry and raspberry beer at Lindeman’s booth  (an Australian brewery), and the Jamaican Hibiscus beer – both of which we will begin carrying at Cascadia Liquor.  They are 11% and taste more like a sparkling juice than a beer, which was fine by me! 

Prior to checking out Beerfest on Friday, I ran 20 km at Elk Lake in 1:57.  My goal is to do the half marathon in 2 hours…I’m so close! 

I started out a lot faster than previous runs, which might be why I felt decent until the last 3 kms, then things started to hurt.   I also swallowed a massive bug – sucked that thing right down into the back of my throat.  I downed a bunch of water but I swear it was still alive,  trying to make its way up out of my throat for at least a kilometer.  I tried coughing it up (in an effort to conserve my water supply – I was only 10km in at that point) but that started to throw off my breathing and make other runners look at me with concern…ugh.  I thought at the end of my run I would cough bugs up everywhere, a la The Green Mile.  Thankfully, I regained my focus and forgot about the bug just long enough to finish my run. 

This Friday will be a 22 or 23, then I will start to taper down from there.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when the race is over…I love having something to work towards!!  I’m going to sign up for the Bear Mountain 10 km I think, I heard that run is pretty grueling. 

By the way, if any of you haven’t found this website yet, you should check it out – http://www.walkjogrun.net/ – I uploaded some of my routes on there, although the distance seems a bit off.  It’s a searchable database of cycling/running/walking routes in your area that shows distance, terrain, times, calories burnt, etc. using a Google map.  I was hoping to find another 20km route NOT on roadways, but no such luck yet.  Looks like it will be Elk Lake again this Friday!