Maui trip last yearTwo weekends in a row of being confined to my small twin bed, propped up with pillows and an elderly tabby cat at my feet, outdated lap top whirring away and keeping my legs warm. I go from my awesome Friday morning lakeside runs to feeling like a paraplegic.  Ugh… homework I hate you.

One more week until my first half marathon ever.  I’m feeling pretty confident I can keep a good pace, and maybe, just MAYBE run it in 2 hours.  I put down on the registration form that I would run it in 2:30, and so far clocked myself at around 2:07 for 21.2km.  Yesterday, I ran 20km in 1:50 – beat my personal best by about 8 minutes! Insane! If I can keep that pace from next Sunday, I’ll be pretty happy.  But then what? I really look forward to those Friday runs, training rather than just getting exercise.  Cocincidently, my mom and I were talking about going to Maui again this January around the time of the Maui Oceanfront Marathon…how amazing would that be to do?  Would it even be possible to train in Victoria’s crappy winter weather for four months to run for a full four hours in Maui weather? I almost feel like a half would be too easy for me in four months if I kept up this training pace.  Maybe…just maybe.