Turned down wine with friends last night and stuck with water. Have successfully spent most of my day off my feet. Got a massage and a facial this morning (okay…so a facial isn’t really necessary prep for a race, but it was awesome). Carb-loaded. Hydrated. Still need to go for that last 10-minute run to loosen up the legs and make myself a pasta dinner.

I feel pressured to run well tomorrow. I know ‘just finishing’ is an achievement in itself, but it’s not just going to be Tyler waiting for me at the finish line; my parents will be there, standing on the sidelines somewhere in Oak Bay; one of my friends said she’s going to come and watch, even though I’ve never come to watch one of her baseball or soccer games (sorry Katie); my co-workers will be there, some running and some watching.

And not only that, my whole run is going to be documented and filmed for my company’s YouTube account and plastered all over our social media.

Talk about pressure! What kind of a YouTube video would that be if I got a DNF or had to walk after 30k due to disabling leg cramps?

Dave, our videographer, said he’ll be riding his bike alongside the course, filming me as I run. Great. Can’t wait to see myself at the 35k mark, shuffling like a zombie, face contorted in pain.

I hope I can block all of that out. I just want to focus on putting one foot in front of the other – hopefully at a 5:10 pace, listening to some awesome tunes and feeding off everyone’s energy.