Triathlon countdown: 2011 HtO MS Thetis Lake swim

Finished! Thanks Kim for sending me these pictures!

One week from today I’ll no longer be ‘Bri, triathlete-in-training.’

I will have actually completed a triathlon and can call myself a triathlete! 

Well… maybe.

A few days ago I found out that Hamsterly Beach, where the swim portion of the Self Transcendence Triathlon will take place, was unsafe due to a high coliform count. Ugh.

I haven’t heard anything yet about what will happen… whether the organizers will move the swim portion to a different beach at Elk Lake, or? If anybody knows, please comment!

At least there are a few other triathlons I can do before the season ends. I think I’ll sign up for the sprint distance at the Subaru Sooke International Triathlon on August 7th, regardless. After all this training, I feel like I should do at least two this summer before marathon training starts!

 And now for the good news: I’m feeling more comfortable about the swim portion of the triathlon now! (The swimming itself, not the goose poop situation… I’m not feeling very comfortable about that!)

 This morning I decided at the last minute to join the rest of my tri training group at the HtO Thetis Lake Swim for MS. I wanted to do it anyway (it’s for a great cause), but had to juggle some funds to afford the entry fee. I’ve spent a lot of money so far this year on race entries and gear, so I’ve been trying to cut back. But you know how it is… you can never have too many pairs of running shoes/shirts/shorts!

My coach Noa and a PT Performance Training team mate before the 1.5 km swim

I signed up for the 1.5 km distance, the distance of the Olympic distance swim in the triathlon. It was great to do a race start in the water and experience swimming in a group, with people grabbing at your feet and you trying to avoid being kicked in the face. I did okay though, despite getting a bit winded during my swim to the first buoy. I took a breather and slowed down, found my rhythm and just kept swimming!

I did a sight every 30 strokes or so (as suggested by Jon – oh, and a ‘sight’ is looking up to see where you’re going in the open water), so I didn’t get too far off course. I finished in just under 40 minutes, which was about how long I figured it would take. I still had lots of energy left over – I felt I could have easily hopped on the bike right after for a 40 km ride!


I think I’m ready. Seven more days!