Day 4 of eating clean

Grilled basil and pepper chicken salad for lunch on day 1!

Grilled basil and pepper chicken salad for lunch on day 1!

Well, I made it through the weekend without any wine, coffee or chocolate. Success! I did cave and had a piece of dark chocolate tonight, and had some Shakeology as a snack today (I guess you can’t have it because it has natural chocolate flavour in it, and stevia). Three days is enough without chocolate. I decided you only live once, why not enjoy the things you love? In moderation, of course. As long as the other 95% of my day is whole foods, I figure that’s better than nothing.

Alcohol, added sugar and wheat are not going back on the menu, however. I can live without those for 21 days. I had a pretty bad caffeine-withdrawal headache yesterday, but I feel fine today. I’m probably going to add coffee back in a few days and keep it to one cup in the morning, instead of the six cups I used to drink throughout the day. I’ve been sleeping better so far this week, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Overall I feel pretty good though, not bloated and my tummy feels great. The meals have been really good, too.  For example, on Sunday I cooked up black beans, corn, brown rice and salsa with cumin and coriander,  wrapped it up in a teff and millet wrap and had it with steamed lemon almond kale on the side for dinner. Filling and delicious! Yesterday’s dinner was an epic fail, though; I tried to make brown rice sushi with avocado, cucumber and carrots, and it all just fell apart in the nori wrap. So my boyfriend and I ended up just eating the inside as some weird, warm rice salad, with miso soup on the side. I decided from now on I should just leave the sushi making up to the professionals!

Since I’m still working out as normal, I’m eating more than what the program suggests. I have a post-morning-workout snack of yogurt, tropical fruits and Holy Crap cereal sprinkled on top, plus either an apple with almond butter or Shakeology in the afternoon. I also eat more at breakfast… the program for next week suggests to just have fruit — not a chance! Gotta have my oatmeal or quinoa in the morning. I don’t think anyone should cut out grains, especially active people. Plus the point of this for me is not to lose weight or change my eating habits drastically, just to eliminate possibly allergenic foods, learn to cook proper meals at night and not mow down on cereal when I get home.

Not really sure what to think about the supplements. There’s one you mix with water that contains wheatgrass, alfalfa, kamut grass and barley grass that makes me gag. I’ll probably end up using it as a smoothie booster. The other one is a “proprietary blend of systemic enzymes [that] also contains added Camu-Camu, which helps promote an optimal
immune system and helps manage your body’s natural inflammatory response.” Huh?? Might as well give them a shot! I never used to believe in supplements until I discovered L-Lysine and fish oil, so I’ll keep an open mind.

Let’s see if I can make it through another weekend of eating clean!