So I’m running a marathon in two days…

Running the 2010 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Running the 2010 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon

…and I haven’t trained for it.

Apparently I haven’t learned my lesson from my torturous adventure at the Squamish 50 and I don’t take my own advice about training for endurance events.

But I love to run. And I love this race. So I’m doing it.

I was on the fence about signing up for the 2013 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon for months, then decided I wouldn’t run it because I didn’t have time to fit in any long runs.

But then marathon day got closer, and I got envious of everyone else who was running it. This was event was my very first race in 2009, and I haven’t missed a year since. Yeah, I could have signed up for the half, but 21.1 km just seemed too easy. Don’t get me wrong — a half marathon is NOT an easy distance, but having just completed a 50k ultra in August, I felt like I needed to tackle the full 42.2.

The other deciding factors were that I’m not injured, I still have a decent fitness base from my race this summer, the weather looks near perfect for Sunday and I have three turkey dinners this weekend, with two in one day on Sunday. I run, therefore I eat.

As for a goal time, I need to get home by 1 p.m. to make it to my parents’ house for dinner two of three, so I’m going to bust my ass to make that happen. That’s essentially all I’ll be thinking about as my legs start to give out at kilometre 35: Must. Make. Dinner. Keep. Going. Mmmm turkey.

So good luck to everyone running races this weekend. Trust your training, enjoy the journey and finish strong.