#FitFashion Friday Feature: “Plus-sized” athletic apparel that is actually stylish (featuring Lola Getts)

Plus-sized active wear by Lola Getts

Plus-sized active wear by Lola Getts

Though I love the way all the run-to-runway fitness gear I feature in #FitFashion Friday posts looks on the models, you’d never catch me wearing a laser-cut designer sports bra with tiger-print spandex pants out in public. Maybe if I lived in New York… but we’re a little less fashion-forward here in Victoria on the west coast. Gortex, Lululemon, Crocs, Tilly hats, tie-dye and cargo pants seem to be acceptable here; wild prints and colourful designer clothing, not so much.

Also, most of the clothes I tend to feature aren’t practical for the average-sized woman, as the sizing only goes up to a large. Also, a designer sports bra with laser-cut holes probably won’t keep the “girls” under control during a workout.

So for this #FitFashion Friday feature, I decided to hunt down some designer fitness apparel for normal-sized women. Which was actually harder than I thought it was going to be.

After several Google searches, I couldn’t find anything even close to stylish. It all looked the same — no wild prints, no fun cuts or details. Just plain black capri pants and solid-colour t-shirts. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with non-stylish workout gear if it’s comfortable; heck, most of what I own is from Target because, A)  it’s cheap, and B) I do most of my workouts at home, so I don’t really care what I’m wearing. But sometimes you DO want to have something awesome to wear while working out, because it makes you feel good.

After digging around, I finally found a “plus-sized” apparel line that considers both function and style. Lola Getts, a collection of cross-functional active wear for “the woman who celebrates her curves and her busy lifestyle”, is made in the USA and features high-quality fabrics in cute prints and cuts. Here are a few of my favourite pieces below:


Beside looking flattering and comfortable, Lola Getts is also fairly affordable and makes everything from skorts to pants to tops and jackets. They also ship to Canada! Visit their website for more details.

Do you know of any other stylish plus-sized fitness apparel lines? Let me know, as I’d love to feature them!

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