Stuff you should read Saturday: Secret meth and other scary stuff in dietary supplements, does weight loss really matter and my first fitness magazine article!

sysrsHappy Saturday! I hope you’re either still cozy and warm in bed browsing through your social feeds on your tablet with a domesticated animal curled up at your feet or having coffee in your kitchen, getting caught up on all the latest on the Internets and enjoying a hearty breakfast. Or, you know, socializing with your loved ones. But then you wouldn’t be reading this awesome collection of articles, would you? Here are a few gems from this week:

Can you be overweight and healthy? – Chicago Tribune
A great piece by James Fell in the Chicago Tribune this morning. Though I tell my clients to ignore the scale for the most part and measure their progress by how much better they feel and move, it’s still important to consider actual health markers, such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure, to determine just how “healthy” you are. So can you have excess body fat and still be healthy?

“‘When you look at it from all angles,’ Katz said, ‘the conclusion you reach is that an excess of body fat is inevitably harmful.’ The problem, specifically with abdominal obesity, is that it infiltrates the organs. ‘Especially the liver, which interferes with insulin metabolism. Then the pancreas pours out extra insulin, and it creates a self-generating cascade that leads directly to diabetes and increased cardiac risk.’ He spoke of research showing an increased risk for most forms of cancer as well.”

I think as long as your medical tests and blood work show you are healthy, and you move well, have a good cardiovascular capacity and feel good overall, having “curves” or some excess body fat is fine. Because of the crazy state of our culture today and the collective damage mass media has done to our psyche, I believe it’s more important to show compassion and acceptance for our bodies and not stress about having visible abs (which requires an unhealthy level of body fat, in some cases.)

The Scary, Synthetic, and All-Too-Secret Ingredients of Dietary Supplements – National Geographic
Apparently there was a pre-workout supplement on the market that contained methamphetamine — no wonder some of those muscle-bound dudes and chicks in the weight room made you feel intimidated and uncomfortable! (Kidding). If you use dietary supplements, you might want to check the labels for some of the weird ingredients listed in this article. Bottom line is don’t waste your money on this stuff — fueling with real food is always best.

12 Graphs That Show Why People Get Fat – Authority Nutrition
A decent overview of some of the many factors (which are mostly external) that have caused the general North American population to gain weight over the past 40 years. Please note: The image and title of this article (which I think is fat shaming and unnecessary) aren’t reflective of the graphs in this post.

The $99 Home Gym – IMPACT Magazine
Did you know you can workout at home with just four piece of exercises equipment? No? Well let me show you how! This is my first published piece in a fitness magazine! Yay! I’m so excited I can finally add freelance fitness magazine writer to my resume. And fitness model, apparently. I wasn’t expecting such a huge picture of my face in a magazine.


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