#FitFashion Friday Feature: Some Product running and yoga pants from Breathe Athletic

IMG_4873Last weekend I had the pleasure of testing some new ethically produced, locally made yoga and running tights from Breathe Athletic here in Victoria BC. I’ve you’ve never shopped at Breathe, you must — owner Stephanie Hinton sources the most beautiful yoga, fitness and lifestyle apparel for women, all of it made in North America and/or produced ethically and sustainably where possible. Can’t get to her store? Don’t worry — she also sells her product lines online through her website at breatheathletic.com.

But on to the pants! I took this pair of tights from Some Product out for a chilly trail run.






One thing I loved right away about these pants (aside from the eye-popping “Blue Equestrian” print, made-in-Vancouver tag and gorgeous imported Italian — yes, Italian — fabric) was their slight compression-like feeling.


I love compression tights for running, as I find they almost support my muscles and prevent aches and pains during long runs. I never run anything over a half marathon without compression gear, which is generally used for recovery by increasing blood flow.


The pants performed perfectly during the trail run, and didn’t slip down my waist like most running tights tend to do. They stayed right and place, and despite being made of a slightly thicker fabric, moved and breathed well during my run.


Of course, I had to put the Blue Equestrian through the yoga test as well.

I stretched, squatted, bent and flexed my way through a few poses and strength training exercises, and the pants still stayed put. I especially loved the compression-like feeling during strength training exercises. I could see these pants being popular with the lifting and CrossFit crowd — not just for the fit and feel, but for the crazy and wild colours and prints they come in.

Some Product available at breatheathletic.com.

Some Product available at breatheathletic.com.

Verdict: New favourite running/lifting/yoga tights! I’ve been living in them since I got them, and am tempted to buy myself another pair in another wild print. I love supporting local stores, especially ones that sell well-made, sustainably manufactured apparel. And with an $89 price tag, these pants are comparable if not more affordable than other popular not-made-in-Vancouver-anymore yoga pants. If you’re looking for a gift for that runner/yogi/lifter in your life, shop ethically visit Breathe Athletic!



Which pair is your favourite?

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