My one word and mantra for 2015

newyearHappy New Year, lovelies! How many of you started 2015 yesterday with a run or hike? Or maybe you hit the gym with all the other resolutioners? Or perhaps you have family tradition on New Year’s Day, like a walk on the beach? Or maybe you were nursing a hangover from the previous night’s libations…

Despite a late night ringing in the New Year at a friend’s house party and a glass of wine or five, I stuck with my tradition of a run on New Year’s Day. The first time I actually went for a run on my own accord was New Year’s Day 2003 in an attempt to start fresh and do something for myself after a Ross-and-Rachel-style “on a break” break up. It took a few more years until I actually fell in love with running, but since then I’ve always tried to hit the trails or pavement on New Year’s Day.

Though I’ve already shared my goals for 2015, I like the idea of finding one word or mantra to help guide  the intentions you set for yourself for the year. After reading this post from The Huffington Post and this post on Live, Eat, Travel and Run, I was inspired to come up with my own mantra and one word for 2015.

After reviewing my goals and thinking about what kind of mindset would help me achieve them, I picked this for my one word:

trustI need to trust myself and my intuition (which has helped guide me thus far). I need to trust that I can do things, however scary they may be (and lots of things are scary to introverts). I need to trust that I know what I’m doing, especially when it comes to my skills and knowledge. Yes, I’m a newbie strength coach and don’t have years of experience behind me, but I know enough to and continue to learn from those who do have many years of experience. I know my intentions are good. I need to trust them.

I also need to trust my inner self and my body, to know it can and will go the distance if it needs to. I’ve tested it’s limits before (Squamish 50 and qualifying for Boston), and it hasn’t let me down yet. Though I’m getting better at turning off the self-doubt talk in my brain, it’s still there sometimes. And I’ve experienced what can happen when I do turn it off.

As for my mantra for 2015, I took this fun quiz from Gaiam to find some words to recite to myself when I’m experience self-doubt or distrust. This is what I got:


I think it perfectly fits with my one word, goals and intentions for 2015!

What’s your one word and mantra for 2015? Take the quiz and share below!