One third of my life is over and here’s how I plan to celebrate it

Me and my bestie Janine in Thailand celebrating my 21st birthday. Chang beer... worst hangover of my life.

Me and my bestie Janine in Thailand celebrating my 21st birthday. Chang beer… worst hangover of my life.

In nine days, one third of my life will be over. (Yes, I plan to live to at least 90.)

The big 3-0 birthday has been troubling me ever since I turned 29. I hear life is better in your thirties, but I suppose it could be the whole you’re-getting-older-and-can’t-drink-wine-like-you-used-to-on-a-saturday-night thing that bugs me the most about this birthday. I also think it’s because I’m not where I thought I’d be at 30.

This comes up for me pretty much every time I catch up with friends and family at parties or over coffee. I get to hear about upcoming nuptials or babies on the way, which is all lovely and awesome and I’m genuinely excited and happy for them… but then when they ask what I’ve been up to, even after I excitedly describe my new business and my blog and recent fitness magazine article, the next question is always, “So, are you living with your boyfriend yet? Are you going to have a family?” followed by a sympathetic look and a complete change of subject.

Yes, I want a family one day and I love my boyfriend very much. But… what about everything else? Yes, I will be a she-looks-bad-on-paper 30 year old: I live in a 450-square-foot bachelor suite with my little dog, I have student loan debt, I’m not married, I don’t have kids, and I don’t have all my shit together. If my 20-year-old-self read that, she would probably be very disappointed. Just add some cats and a housecoat and my worst fears would be realized.

But then again, maybe she would be proud to read that I also have a university degree, a steady government job, a strength coach certification, my own personal training business, a fitness blog, a published magazine article, and supportive family and friends. Maybe that once athletically challenged girl would be surprised to know that not only have I run several marathons, raced two triathlons and completed a 50K ultra, but also that I qualified to run the Boston Marathon and have become strong enough to do a pull-up and a headstand. I also hope she’d be happy to know that I am working hard on being a better person, figuring out how to live in the moment, feeling more gratitude, and finding out my life’s purpose.

So how am I planning to celebrate the big 3-0?

At first, my plan was to escape to a tropical destination solo and go hiking. I booked a week off and started searching for deals, only to realize even though an escape would be amazing, I didn’t really want to go alone. I do a lot of things alone (like any textbook introvert would) and will definitely take a solo journey one day, but realized I don’t want to be alone on my birthday on the 14th. A three-day escape right before my birthday sounded like a good idea, but instead of spending money on a local getaway I decided to put it towards yoga classes and a whole bunch of spa treatments šŸ™‚

Here’s what my birthday stay-cation extravaganza is going to look like (spread out over a week):

  1. Daily vinyasa yoga
  2. Daily 20-minute meditation
  3. Hair appointment
  4. Massage
  5. Facial
  6. Manicure and pedicure
  7. Hiking every day with Indy
  8. Reading (I have three books to dig into — I plan to finish all by the end of the week)
  9. And ending the week with a birthday party with my dearest friends

My 20s was definitely a time of learning, failing, making mistakes, finding a foothold and building a future. Although turning 30 is kind of eye-opening (and under-eye wrinkling), I am truly looking forward to what the next 10 years will bring.

How did you celebrate your 30th birthday? If you haven’t turned 30 yet, how are you feeling about it? Did you accomplish everything you were hoping to by 30?