#WorkoutWednesday: Total-body strength circuit part II

Happy #WorkoutWednesday! Here is part II of the strength training program I created for a challenge group I hosted back in January. You can find part I, workout A, here. Perform workout A and B on alternating days for the next 6-8 weeks with a rest day in between. So for example, during week one on Monday you would do workout A, on Wednesday you would do workout B, then on Friday you would do workout A. The following week, do workout B on Monday, workout A on Wednesday, and workout B on Friday, and so on. Try it out and let me know what you think!

What you need:

  • 8-15lbs set of dumbbells
  • Yoga mat

The workout:


Arm circles 1 2 easy Forward and backward 12 rotations
Sun salutations 3 1 easy Down dog to cobra pose and back up
Leg swings 1 8 each side easy Swing front to back and side to side
Knee up/backwards lunge/stretch 1 8 each side medium Knee up, step back w/ same leg, stretch arm up on same side
Side lunge w/ 5lb weight 1 8 each side medium Lunge and push weight out in front



Alternate workouts grouped by letter (A, B, C, D) until all sets are complete. For example, complete one set of workout 1A, rest for 30 seconds, then complete one set of 2A. Rest again, then repeat two more times before moving on the the next grouped set.

A1. Walking lunge with dumbbells  3 24 steps 8-10 lbs each hand 30 secs Take 12 steps (6 each leg) forward, alternating legs.
A2. Sumo squat 3 10 8-10 lbs 30 secs Take wide stance, toes pointed out. Hold dumbbell between legs.
B1. Dumbbell row 3 10 8-15 lbs each hand 30 secs Standing w/ both weights or single-arm row using a bench or knee.
B2. Dumbbell bench press 3 10 8-20 lbs each hand 30 secs Can be from floor or bench.
C1. Tricep extension 3 10 8-10 lbs each hand 30 secs Lying on floor or bench.
C2. Standing row 3 10 8-10 lbs each hand  30 secs Can use 20 lbs barbell.
D1. Side plank 3 30 sec/side BW none Advanced: Do 8 leg lifts.
D2. Superman 3 10 BW none On hands and knees, extend opposite arm and leg.