{Friday Favourites} Magazine features, standing desks and sunrise runs

Life In LeggingsHappy (Good) Friday, friends! I have a mishmash of things I wanted to share on the blog this week, so what better way than to participate in a Friday Favourites link-up? Today I’m linking up with Heather of Life in Leggings, because that would probably be the name of my blog (actually it would be Life in Lululemon) if I didn’t have a government job.

I had two more articles published in a magazine this week!

Getting published in a print magazine with a byline was one of my goals for last year, and I was thrilled to not only write but also be featured in this article for IMPACT Magazine. My plan for 2015 was to really pick up my freelance-writing game, so I was more than happy to write these two pieces for Get Out There Magazine’s Annual Women’s Edition:




How amazing do those fitness weekend’s sound? I’ve been to everyWOMAN in Whistler and it’s an incredible experience. Plus that running and yoga retreat in Golden, BC (a course preview for the Golden Ultra) looks right up my alley. Right after I wrote that piece I got an email from Jamie at Sweat Pink mentioning she was planning to run the Golden Ultra and encouraged us Sweat Pink Sisters to come participate. It’s the same weekend as the Finlayson Arm 50KM… maybe that’s a sign I should sign up for some kind of trail race? I’m still on the fence… I was looking at the course map last night for the Finlayson Arm 25KM and it covers all my favourite running routes in the Gowlland Tod Range.

What the hell does “toned” mean, anyway?

This week I was also quoted alongside all the fitness pros I admire (Lou Schuler, Erin Brown, Nia Shanks, Alan Aragon, Bret Contreras, oh my!) in this awesome article by James Fell.

“You can’t actually ‘tone’ a muscle. You can break muscle fibres down and build them up to be stronger and bigger with resistance training. Toning is for printers. When I see that term used in a women’s magazine it’s always next to a photo of a genetically blessed model (by our society’s standards) doing exercises with a set of 5-lbs dumbbells. It’s stupid and misleading.” – Bri Wilson

I finally finished my Road to Boston medal holder!

Matt made this incredible medal holder/inspiration board for me for my 30th birthday in January, and I finally got around to adding some of my favourite medals, race bibs and photos.


Now I just need to find a good place to put it. Bachelor suites don’t have a lot of wall space!

Sunrise runs

I’m finally back to running this week and went for my first morning run in about a month. Aside from sore calves, I felt pretty good. I wasn’t even that slow!

Typical morning run views!

Typical morning run views!

Standing desks!

We finally got height-adjustable desks at work. It’s seriously the best. I’ve been standing from about 10:30 a.m. until lunch, then 1:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m., then 3:30 p.m. until the end of the day. I feel so much less stiff and sore and have way more energy at the end of the day. You definitely can’t wear shoes with much of a heel, though. Luckily it’s spring and ballet flats are IN!

What are your highlights from this week?

– B