Stuff You Should Read Saturday: Common weight-loss mistakes, best supplement brands, and why you need to find someone who ‘gets’ you

sysrsHappy Saturday, Friends! I’m currently at my desk (aka actually still in bed because I live in a bachelor suite and don’t have a desk) working on some nutrition and strength plans (aka also reading blogs and scrolling Pinterest for mandala/lotus flower tattoo ideas) and drinking coffee (with Baileys… just kidding. I can’t have cream. Sad face.) before I head out for a 10 km run this morning around Elk Lake with my run buddy Debbie. If you’re also just starting your day and like to read stuff on teh internets, here’s a collection of good reads from this week.

Finding Someone Who ‘Gets’ You: The Electric Feeling of Connecting with Another Intuitive Thinker – Another great post for us introverts from space2live. This doesn’t just apply to partners, but also friends. Thankful for my bestie, who I’m hanging out with later today!

Living with Crohn’s Disease Part 1: Early On – If you know anyone with Crohn’s or know someone recently diagnosed, this is an excellent read. Love Susie’s honesty and courage.

FYI Friday – 5 most common weight loss mistakes – Great tips from Jen, a Registered Dietitian!

Three Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight While Training for a Marathon – The struggle is real.

Infographic: What to eat during pregnancy – Handy infographic for any mamas-to-be out there. – If you use supplements, definitely check out this site. They test and grade all off-the-shelf supplements so you can find out if what you’re using is actually doing what it’s supposed to.

30 Healthy Dessert Recipes – Because it’s the weekend and you should eat dessert 🙂