{Friday Favourites} Awesome personal training client progress and long weekend camping

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, friends! I’m linking up with the lovely Heather of Life in Leggings today to share a few things that have made me happy this week, since yesterday’s post was a bit depressing again. Sorry about that.

This amazing feedback from one of my online coaching clients

Since I launched my personal training business in the fall of 2014, it’s been growing steadily and I now have several online and in-person clients. I have been able to drop the book editing side job all together as the income I’m making from training is starting to surpass that. Coaching is also something I love to do and am passionate about, which makes it even better that I’m actually earning (part of) a living from it. Though I became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and began training clients so I could write with more authority on the topic of fitness (it really does help when you’re pitching articles to magazines if you have some letters after your name), I truly love helping people and making a difference in their lives. I don’t really get that with my day job as a government communications advisor, but this whole training-and-coaching thing has satisfied that desire in me to serve others. I feel more balanced in my life having both a behind-the-scenes professional writing job and a people-facing service job.

I’ve been working with my client Ximena since January, when she participated in my month-long Facebook challenge group with seven other people. Before the challenge, she had not participated in any form of an exercise program for years, so going from nothing to a beginner strength training program (week one of the challenge group) plus a healthy eating and mindfulness plan (weeks two and three of the challenge group) resulted in some drastic and motivating changes for her over the course of a month. When the group ended, Ximena signed up for one of my coaching programs (where you get a strength program, nutrition guidance, meal plans and ongoing support) and has been rocking it ever since. My programs focus on small, incremental changes so clients can slowly develop healthy habits that will be sustainable in the long run — none of this drop-10-pounds-in-two-weeks, detox-juice-cleanse-21-day-fix bullshit. It’s been almost four months since she started the program, and earlier this week during our weekly check-in she sent me this:

“Major milestone late last week: I was able to touch my toes now!!!!! It’s huge! It really felt like a huge achievement and I can not tell you how grateful I am that Debbie introduced me to you. You have made a huge difference I my life – I am working in Kelowna this week and the staff at the office here said “man, you are vanishing! What diet are you on?!” It felt good to honestly say that it’s been 5 months of ‘small changes’ and it felt even better to hear that I look good. I am telling you Bri, there is a method to your program and the results are proven! I cannot thank you enough, my life is so much better now. Thank you again for the inspiration and motivation. Fitness is now feeling like a friend and not so much a chore; who would have thought I would ever see it that way?!!”

My face when I read that:


May Long Weekend = Camping

Monday is a stat holiday here in Victoria (it’s Victoria Day!), and I’ve gone camping for May Long Weekend (it gets capitals because it’s important) for at least the last seven or eight years. Back in my early-to-mid 20s, my group of friends and I used to head out into the middle of nowhere with our 4X4s (yes, I used to have a Jeep and drove it off-road) and camp/party for the weekend.

Getting stuck in the mud during May Long camping circa 2007

Me getting stuck in the mud during May Long camping circa 2007


Back in my off-roading days. It took ages to get all the mud out from under the hood!

My how times have changed. This weekend we’ll be camping at a provincial campsite just five minutes from civilization in a 21-foot trailer. It’ll still be a blast, none the less. I will also happen to be right next to one of my favourite running trails and plan to go for a trail run with Debbie at some point during the weekend.

What are your weekend plans? Do you go camping every year? If so, where? Do you have any long weekend traditions?