{thinking out loud Thursday} A part-time omnivore’s dilemma

Happy almost Friday, friends! I’ve had a crazy busy week and could not be more excited for the weekend. Yesterday (and almost every other day this week) I worked from about 5 a.m. (blogging/9-to-5 job/training at the studio/replying to client emails) until about 7:30 p.m. Luckily it was all things I love to do! But I can tell I need to take a break and completely disconnect this weekend. We’re going camping again, so there’s going to be lots more of this going on:

Indy quite happy to be glamping

Indy quite happy to be glamping

My adult sippy cup.

My adult sippy cup.

But on to the topic of my Thinking Out Loud post for this week: Yesterday I had an article I wrote a few months ago published on Elephant Journal, which was super awesome and exciting because I love the stories published on Elephant Journal!


You can read the article here.

The only thing is…

I’m not vegetarian.

The fictional gorilla definitely convinced me to go vegetarian (I did give up all meat for a few weeks after I wrote the original piece), and I’m part of the way there — but I still eat meat (just chicken and fish occasionally when it’s served to me or when I’m out to eat and the veggie options suck). Why? Because I don’t want to be difficult and want to be included in family dinners and outings, and sometimes a chicken or fish option is the most convenient source of nutrition. Do I feel conflicted about that? Yes. But they way I see it, even cutting down on ONE animal product once a week is better than not decreasing your intake at all for all the reasons I mentioned in the article.

As a fitness professional, I know meat is an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids and will still recommend it’s consumption to my clients (preferably lean cuts that came from locally and ethically raised livestock, mind you). But I also know you can have a healthy, balanced diet without it. Will I go completely vegetarian or even vegan one day? Most likely. But for now, being a lactose-intolerant pesco pollo vegetarian (a LIPP vegetarian??) works for me: it fuels my body, doesn’t leave me feeling bloated, is tasty and satisfying and allows me to be flexible in social situations when there’s food involved. To me it’s about progress, no perfection.

Also, this:



Thanks Amanda for the link-up πŸ™‚

Do you try to reduce your meat consumption? Are you/have you ever thought about going vegetarian or vegan? What are the biggest issues for you?