Cookbook Review: The Plantpower Way by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt

ppw-cover-frontIf there’s one thing I’ve learned from eating plant-based and making the majority of my food from scratch over this past year, it’s that eating whole-food plant-based doesn’t have to be a labourious task — you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make healthy, tasty meals. All you need are a few handy kitchen tools (like a good blender, a spiralizer and a nut milk bag), an hour set aside on a Sunday and a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, such as veggies, seeds, nuts, fruit and healthy fats, in order to prep and cook all your meals for the week. I’ve also discovered — thanks to cookbooks like Oh She Glows — that vegan meals are incredibly delicious, and are not only better for you than non plant-based versions, but also are more flavourful and satisfying.

As soon as I heard that my favourite podcaster and plant-based ultrarunner Rich Roll and his lovely yogi songstress wife Julie Piatt were writing a cookbook, I knew I needed to add it to my collection. Rich would often talk about some of the amazing meals Julie had prepared, either in her past job as a chef at yoga retreats, to fuel him during his training for EPIC5 or just to feed their family of six. Their cookbook, The Plantpower Way, was released this past April and I’ve been trying recipes here and there since I got the book in early May. Here’s a description of the book from their website:

Created by renowned plant-based ultra-distance athlete and high-profile wellness advocate Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt, The Plantpower Way shares the joy and vibrant health they and their whole family have experienced living a plant-based lifestyle. Bursting with inspiration, practical guidance, and beautiful four-color photography, The Plantpower Way has more than 120 delicious, easy-to-prepare whole food recipes, including hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus healthful and delicious smoothies and juices, and decadent desserts.

But beyond the plate, at its core, The Plantpower Way is a plant-centric lifestyle primer that finally provides the modern family with a highly accessible roadmap to long-term wellness and vibrant body, mind, and spirit health. The Plantpower Way is better than a diet: It’s a celebration of a delicious, simple, and sustainable lifestyle that will give families across the country a new perspective and path to living their best life.

The recipes

Raw Superfood Pad Thai - made with zucchini and black bean noodles

Raw Superfood Pad Thai – made with zucchini and black bean noodles

So far I’ve made the sweet vanilla almond milk (amazing and easy), the raw superfood pad thai (so good and easy to make), the raw peanut sauce (best peanut sauce I’ve ever had), the triple B blend smoothie (tasty and refreshing), the gluten-free spaghetti di pesto (so yummy) and the almond pesto sauce (super easy and delicious). There are so many amazing-looking recipes I can’t wait to try, such as the veggie burgers, tamales and assortment of salads and energy bars. And the desserts. They look SO GOOD.

Almond pesto!

Almond pesto!

This looks SO GOOD!

This looks SO GOOD!

Aside from your typical breakfast, sides, mains and desserts, The Plantpower Way also includes sauces and dressings, nut milks and “cheeses”, and juices and smoothies, as well as sections with healthy lifestyle “how-tos”, such as how to live a more plant-based life with kids. I especially like the sample “lifestyle paths” given in the back of the book if you’re someone who likes to follow a program. I could probably give “The Lotus Path” a shot, since it recommends getting up at 4:30 a.m. to meditate, which is something I already do! I’d just need something more substantial than juice blends in the morning.

One of the lifestyle path options offered in the back of the book


Not only are the recipes I’ve tried so far amazingly delicious, but also so easy to prep and make. I also love the look and design of the book, which has some gorgeous and inspiring photography, not only of the drool-worthy vegan meals, but also of what it means to live a plant-powered way of life.

Love the design and photography in the book

Love the design and photography in the book

If you’re looking to give a more plant-based way of eating a shot or just want to expand your vegan recipe repertoire, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this cookbook. You can find it in most major retailers and on Amazon.