My 2015 goals progress update

The start of my consistent yoga practice this January

The start of my consistent yoga practice this January

In January of this year, I shared three goals I hoped to achieve by December 31, 2015: master some variation of the scorpion pose and hold it for 10 seconds, grow my client base at Koru Personal Training, and get a consistent meditation practice going. Although training for the Boston Marathon is also on my to-do list (since I achieved my 2014 goal of qualifying in October last year), I’m not going to know if I made it in until September, so that goal is a bit out of my control.

So how am I doing on my 2015 goals now that we’re half-way through 2015?

1. Master some variation of the scorpion pose and hold it for 10 seconds – Although I started off 2015 by joining a yoga studio and going to a vinyasa yoga class or practicing at home at least once a week, that kind of dropped off after I had surgery in March and couldn’t do yoga for a month due to the location of the incision. I started incorporating yoga into strength training, but haven’t been practicing as consistently as I’d like. However, I have been doing a headstand/practicing scorpion pose almost every morning before I eat breakfast. 

Here’s where I was at in December:

And here’s where I’m at now:

As long as no other setbacks occur, I’m going to keep working at it and will schedule more yoga into my exercise routine for the last half of the year so I can actually achieve this goal!

2. Grow my client base at Koru Personal Training – Thanks to my client, friend and fellow ultrarunner Lindsey Millar (a triathlon coach who connected with me after reading my Squamish 50K recap — she’s training to race it this year), I’ve had the opportunity to speak at several TriStars Training group clinic nights and promote my services. Since December, most of my clients have found my through TriStars, family or friends — I now have six clients I write programs for or coach online and one person I train once a week in the studio. When I started my business, it was more to help support my fitness writing than to be a personal trainer — but since I’ve started working with clients and seeing their progress, the more I love it and the more fulfilling it is for me. A year ago I never thought I’d have my own business, let alone seven clients within the first six months.

Although I didn’t end up signing up for the nutrition certification course in March (I can’t afford it at this time), I will look at it again later this year or perhaps another certification or continuing education program to help support my training and my clients.

3. Get a consistent meditation practice going – I was actually doing pretty good at this one until that horrible situation in March. I’ve picked it back up a bit now, but I’m not making it as much of a priority as it should be. Starting now, I’m going to commit to five minutes every day. If I can do 10, that’d be awesome; but sometimes I don’t feel like I have 10 minutes so I’ll skip it all together. I need to have some kind of accountability group or a place I can log/track time spent meditating to make sure I actually do it — does anyone know if such a thing/place/app exists?

Did you set goals for this year? How are you doing now that we’re 6 months in? 

– B