#WorkoutWednesday: A sample Boston Qualifier marathon training plan in honour of National Running Day!

IRun2014blankHappy National Running Day! Although I won’t be logging any miles today because Wednesdays are my resistance training days, I thought I’d put together a sample Boston Qualifier training plan in honour of the day! You can use the base of this plan (the Monday to Friday workouts) for 15 weeks to build up strength, speed and stamina leading up to the two to three weeks before race day. It’s very similar to the one I used to achieve my BQ this year, so I know it can work 😉





The strength workouts should be about 30-50 minutes in duration, and should involve supersets of three with 10-12 reps using moderate weights. This 30-minute total body workout is an example of a workout you could do on the Wednesday.

Are you running today in honour of National Running Day? What are your favourite running workouts? Are you training for a race right now? If so, what’s your goal time (just to finish, get a personal best, get a BQ, etc.)?