{Friday Favourites} Goats on a roof and the best health & fitness articles from around the web this week

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, Happy Canada Day (two days ago) to my fellow Canadians and Happy Independence Day (tomorrow) to my friends south of the 49th parallel!

I spent Canada Day up in Coombs, checking out the country market and visiting Matt’s family who were camping nearby. If you ever get a chance to visit Vancouver Island during the summer, stopping at Coombs is a must. It’s a total hodgepodge of hippy stores, local artisans, antique shops, used book stores, bistros, farmer’s markets, massive Buddha statues and random theme park remains — although it’s most known for it’s main country market where several goats reside on it’s grassy rooftop.

Oh Coombs and your randomness. #canadaday #victoriabc #goatsontheroof #giantbuddha

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Roof goats #coombs A photo posted by Bri (@runliftyogi) on

But enough about goats on roofs. I’m linking up with the lovely Heather of Life in Leggings as per usual to share some of the most interesting reads in health, fitness and life I found around the web this week.

Dear female athletes: Please don’t follow Tara Lipinski’s 1,200-calorie diet – Philly Voice
A great read. Shame on any magazine that publishes celebrity diets like this. Most people, ESPECIALLY athletes, need far more calories than that just to exist, let alone move around and live.

The Top 5 Body Positive Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To – Bagels to Broccoli
I love listening to podcasts and am all about promoting body positivity, so these podcast suggestions from Jen definitely look like they’re worth checking out!

8 Reasons Eating “Perfectly” Is Ruining Your Diet – Be Truly Nourished
I couldn’t agree more with this blog post by Rebecca. Aside from causing disordered eating behaviours, eating “perfectly” is stressful and just plain sucks.

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Do A Sugar Detox – Lift Like A Girl
Aside from the fact that cutting out sugar makes you miserable, Nia explains that it can also lead to weight gain due to detoxers reaching for other foods (like salty snacks, which can lead to water retention) to satisfy cravings.

What Is The Solution To Obesity? – Body For Wife
James Fell breaks down the myriad causes and potential cures for obesity in this excellent piece.

We’re More Concerned With Nutrients Than Actual Food – Time Magazine
Although nutrients are important, should we really be focusing on them when it comes to our diets? This TIME article explains why this can be problematic.


What did you do to celebrate Canada Day? What are your 4th of July plans? Have you ever done a sugar detox? What are your favourite body positive podcasts? Have you ever followed a “celebrity” diet?