{Friday Favourites} The best reads in health, fitness and wellness from around the web this week

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, friends! How was your week?

I didn’t make it out to Sooke on Sunday for my long run as planned due to needing to be in two places at once that day, so I opted for a 22 km run closer to home around Mt. Doug again. The weather was much cooler this time which made for a way easier run. I started running at about 8:30 a.m. and finished around noon, right before the sky opened up to lightening, thunder and hail. Glad I didn’t get caught in it!



I started my summer vacation on Thursday, and am currently up island camping for the weekend at Sunfest until Monday. I’ll be relaxing (recovering) at home for a few days before heading off on another camping adventure later in the week, so I’ll be taking a bit of a break from training to kick back and enjoy summer at last!

Will never get tired of this view! #forest #nature #yyj #trailrunning #training #sundayrunday #runchat # A photo posted by Bri (@runliftyogi) on


But enough about my week — on to the links!

I’m linking up with the lovely Heather of Life in Leggings as per usual to share some of the best reads in health, fitness and wellness from around the web this week.

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like – NY Times
Some of you may have seen this before, but it’s worth sharing again in case you haven’t — photos of what 2,000 calories looks like at major chain restaurants vs. home-prepared food. This is why preparing and eating the majority of your food at home is always the healthiest!

50 Iron-distance Triathlons, 50 States, 50 Days – Triathlete Magazine
Remember James Lawrence, the guy who set out to complete 50 Ironmans in 50 states across the U.S. in 50 days? Well… he did it. I followed along on Periscope and Facebook during his journey, and it’s incredible what he achieved. So if you find yourself struggling with the last few miles of a run today, or maybe don’t feel like going to the gym… think about this guy. Crazy.

Unless You’re in an ER, if You Hear the Word “Detox”, Run – Weighty Matters
“Simple rule – if someone is trying to promote, defend, or encourage the use of a product they claim will remove toxins from your body, unless they’re a physician in the emergency department or your kidney failure specialist, they’re either dangerously ignorant, or unconscionably unethical.” I have to agree with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff on this — no diet, pill, exercise, holistic treatment of mindfulness practice is going to “detoxify” anything.

3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout – Petite Heartbeat
I love these three simple but effective tips from Ivanna on how to stay motivated to workout. I consider all three when creating an exercise program for myself or a client.

Top Nutrition Tips Straight From The Experts – A Lady Goes West
I wasn’t able to attend BlogFest this year, but I’ve loved reading the recaps and top takeaways from my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors. This one from Ashley was excellent, and made me pleased to see that sensible, science-based nutrition information was presented to the bloggers at the conference. Especially their expert opinion on juice detoxes: “This one received a resounding no by all the experts. Your body naturally detoxes itself, and there is no scientific evidence to ever doing a juice detox. If you feel like you need a “cleanse” just drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods. Enough said.” Amen!

What’s the crazy, calorie-heavy meal you’ve eaten out at a restaurant? What’s your opinion on “detoxing”? How do you stay motivated to workout?