#WorkoutWednesday: Full-body strength training workout for trail runners

Today I’m featuring part II of the strength training workout I’m doing as part of training for the Finlayson Arm 25K trail race. Last Wednesday I shared the workout I’ve been doing on Mondays, which focuses on upper body and core as it comes after my long run day. Today I’m going to share my Wednesday workout, which incorporates upper and lower body supersets, as well as core work. Wednesdays are my heavier days, so I use 50 lbs weights and perform only 6-8 reps. However, you can use something lighter (10-20 lb dumbbells) and still benefit from the strength training exercises — just perform 10-12 reps for 3 sets instead.


Start with a quick 7-minute warm up that includes either jogging in place or on a treadmill, arms circles, jumping jacks, sun salutations and leg swings — anything to get the joints mobile and your blood flowing. Once you’ve warmed up, perform all exercises in each set three times through as supersets before moving to the next set, resting for 1 minute in between each grouped set (so do 1A 2A, and 3A back-to-back-to-back, rest for 30 seconds, then perform the same exercises again, rest for 30 seconds, then one more time before resting for 1 minute and moving on to the next grouped set). Remember to take those breaks in between sets to let your heart rate recover.

Here are video demonstrations of some of the exercises you may not have tried before. You can perform these either at home or in the gym.

For weights, use something heavy enough that you feel challenged during your last rep, but that you could probably perform 1-2 more reps with.

As always, let me know if you have any questions about the workouts or need modifications. Not training for an ultra or trail race? You can try this full-body strength workout anyway as part of Fit Approach’s #1MillionMinutes exercise challenge!

Happy lifting!

What’s your favourite strength training exercise to do for marathon or ultra training? What’s one exercise you don’t enjoy but you know you should be doing?