{Friday Favourites} The best reads in health, wellness and fitness this week

Life In Leggings

Happy Friday, friends! How was your week?

I have a serious question for you: Do you notice odd repeating number patterns sometimes? Like looking at the clock randomly and seeing 11:11? I’ve heard of this before, and never had it happen to me until this week when literally EVERY time I looked at a clock, document, screen or sign I’d see either 1:11, 11:11 or 3:11. As soon as I started to notice it and think, hmmm, that’s odd… several really awesome opportunities came my way this week that are in line with my career and life goals. It felt like a sign confirming that I was doing what I needed to do, and that things were going to work out.

Apparently when you see repeating number patterns like that it’s a message from “your angels” telling you to notice or do something. For example, the number 311 “a message from your angels to keep your thoughts positive and bright because you are currently in a position where your thoughts and expectations are manifesting at a rapid rate.” It’s a totally woo concept and not science-based at all, I know… but having that kind of positive mindset can’t hurt a person. And although I fully avoid woo when it comes to fitness and nutrition, I believe spirituality and having beliefs in things like karma and the like are beneficial to your psychological health. I mean, this is Run. Lift. YOGA. after all 🙂

But enough about angel numbers and far-out messages from the Universe, maaannn. Let’s get back to SCIENCE. I’m linking up with Heather of Life in Leggings as per usual to share some of my favourite articles and blog posts about health, wellness and fitness this week.

The best reads in health, wellness and fitness this week

‘Eat Clean’? The Smug Instagram Lifestyle Might Not Be So Healthy After All – VICE
Another great piece pointing out the potential harm of wellness gurus and their #cleaneating Instagram posts.

15 Things You Should Know Before Trying To Get Shredded Abs – Buzzfeed
Is it REALLY worth it? I’m leaning towards no…

New Weight-Loss Study: High-Carb Diet Beats High-Fat – Runner’s World
The publication of this study and the media coverage that followed sure ruffled the pterodactyl wings of Paleo and HFLC dieters this week. The study, conducted by the National Institutes of Health, followed 19 obese adults on either a high-carb/low-fat or a low-carb/high-fat diet for six days while living in a metabolic ward. Surprisingly, the high-carb group lost more body fat than the low-carb group. For a few great follow-up articles about this, check out Examine.com’s analysis and a guest post from one of the study’s authors on Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s blog.

Ten Steps To Eating Perfectly – Elephant Journal
A bit of tongue-in-cheek wellness humour 🙂

‘Life Experience’ Is Not A Medical Qualification – The Big Man’s World
Another great read about personal experience vs. what makes someone qualified to give advice.

How To Practice Mindfulness In The Midst of Chaos – Hello To Fit
Some great reminders and tips from Carly Ferguson that I need to put into practice.

What are your thoughts on the high-fat/high-carb study? Have you had success with a low-carb diet? Have you ever achieved (or do you have) visible abs? Have you ever noticed weird number patterns?