{Friday Favourites} The best reads in health, wellness and fitness this week

Life In LeggingsHappy Friday, friends! How was your week?

I’m still not quite over the head cold I picked up after Sunfest (I’m calling it Sunfestitis as both Matt and I got sick the day after we got back) so I haven’t done much in terms of workouts these past two weeks. After Sunfest, Matt and I went camping in Sooke for two days and did a few short hikes, but nothing too strenuous as both of us were still so stuffed up. I attempted a trail run on Sunday but ended up bailing hard after sneezing only a few kilometres into the 20 km I had planned to run. I decided to cut the run short as I was clearly not ready to get back to training — I scraped my hip, elbows and hands and have a nice big bruise on my leg.

Sooke Potholes #hiking #camping #westcoast #yyj #sooke

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Bruised hip aside, I’m back to short runs and strength training this week (even though my cold is still sticking around) and plan to do a 20km on the trails this weekend, 25-ish km next week and the full 28 km course the following week with Dave and Debbie.

The best reads in health, wellness and fitness this week

I’m linking up with the lovely Life in Leggings again to share with you my favourite reads in health, wellness and fitness this week from around the web.

The Importance Of Dietary Carbohydrate In Human Evolution – The Quarterly Review of Biology
An interesting study that contradicts the popular belief that the rapid growth in early hominids’ brain size during the Paleolithic era was because of increased meat consumption. According to the researchers, “the rapid growth in hominin brain size during the Middle Pleistocene will have required an increased supply of preformed glucose. Such increased demands can be met through a range of biologically and culturally driven dietary adaptations. […] The regular consumption of starchy plant foods offers a coherent explanation for the provision of energy to the developing brain during the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene while the development of cooking, and a concomitant increases in salivary amylase expression, explains how the rapid increases in brain size from the Middle Pleistocene onward were energetically affordable.” Carbs FTW!

Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame For Obesity Away From Bad Diets – The New York Times
You probably saw this floating around the media, but it’s just so ridiculous I had to share it again.

Why Am I Hungry All The Time? – Borne Fitness
I ask myself this everyday. Is it runger, hanger or do I just need to get more sleep?

It’s Time To Talk Seriously About Male Eating Disorders – Ask Men
An excellent article and a must-read piece by James Fell. Because an eating disorder is not “a women’s disease.” Nor is it something one chooses to have.

Green Is The New Black: The Unstoppable Rise Of The Healthy-Eating Guru – The Guardian UK
In case you missed this fantastic article in The Guardian that I wrote about yesterday on my blog, here it is again. It’s long but definitely worth the read, especially if you’re a wellness blogger.

Why Working Out Causes Weight Gain. (And What To Do About It). – Precision Nutrition
This is why I always advocate for finding something active that you actually enjoy: “And when our motivation has to come from outside the activity, and not from the inherent joy of the activity itself, we’re more likely to fall into the hedonic compensation that these studies highlight. In other words, we’ll feel (even if unconsciously) like we ‘deserve a treat’ because we dutifully did the chore of exercise.”

300-Pound Vegan Bears DT David Carter Reveals His Meal Plan – Bleacher Report
What does a 300-pound NFL defensive tackle vegan have to eat in order to maintain his size? 10,000 calories a day — and a lot of cannellini bean smoothies.

The Introvert’s Guide to Fitness Instruction – Erin’s Inside Job
As an introvert AND fitness instructor, I can totally relate to Erin’s post. I’m not a huge fan of group instruction (attending or giving), so I mainly do training one-on-one — not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I just don’t have the energy to do it well. Since personal training is my side job, I need to remember to take some alone time the day before I’m training a client after work to focus and give them all the attention the deserve.

Have you ever bailed hard on a run? Do you experience runger/hanger during marathon training? Have you ever gained weight when starting an exercise program? What do you think of David Carter’s meal plan?