{Friday Favourites} The best health and fitness reads of the week

best-reads-teaserHappy Friday y’all! How was your week?

Mine started off fairly disappointing when I learned that it’s going to be even harder to get into Boston this year, thanks to 3,000 faster people registering before the five-minute-and-under qualifiers could 🙁 I knew I’d be cutting it close, since last year the time cut off was 1:02 (and I finished within 1:03 this year). Although I haven’t completely given up hope yet, I have a feeling this won’t be my year. I’m sad I will miss out on running it in 2016, but I’m still proud of myself for qualifying. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, and I’ll need to run even faster next year to get in for 2017. I’m thinking I’ll need to run AT LEAST a 3:29 to guarantee myself a Boston bib. Sigh.

On the upside, all that money I was saving for a Boston trip can now go towards some other trip, perhaps a tropical vacation?? I got a few items in the mail this week from my cousin in New Zealand to entice me to come and explore NZ’s amazing trails. Maybe??

Other than meeting with a few new personal training clients, this was the highlight of my week:

This isn’t the first time Erin and I have been in a country music star selfie (it’s Paul Brandt for you non-Canadians/non-country music fans), and I’m sure it won’t be the last… #frontrowforever

The best health and fitness reads of the week

Is Metabolic Damage a Real Thing? – Girls Gone Strong
In short, yes. “Calories matter, and so do hormones like insulin when it comes to losing weight. But let those ideas go for a moment and just think of the rubber band analogy. In order to get a result, weight loss in this case, you have to put just enough stress on it to get movement without it snapping back. The key is just enough. Not enough stress and you stay stuck. Too much stress, and like the rubber band, the metabolism springs back.” This is why I’m a proponent for slow and gradual fat loss.

Examining Meal Plans – Could This One Make You Fat? – Precision Nutrition
I always say meal plans should only be used as guidelines and are NOT meant to be restrictive. “Eat like you know you should. Eat rationally. Eat foods you enjoy. Figure out what feedback your body is providing. If you feel a bit bloated, you probably ate too much. If you feel really deprived, maybe you’re eliminating too many foods you enjoy. If you are obsessed with your next meal, you are probably under-eating nutritious food.”

Being in Nature Benefits Health – But How? – IFL Science
I love understand the “whys” behind things we generally know to be true. “Nature doesn’t just have one or two active ingredients. It’s more like a multivitamin that provides us with all sorts of the nutrients we need. That’s how nature can protect us from all these different kinds of diseases – cardiovascular, respiratory, mental health, musculoskeletal, etc. – simultaneously.”

Exposed: The Sick Truth Behind the Great ‘Wellness’ Blog Craze – Daily Mail UK
This is very sad. And probably more common than we’d like to think.

The Unspoken Truth About Online Fitness – Roman Fitness Systems
A great read for personal trainer and anyone in the industry (if you can handle vulgar dude language). Although I agree with much of what Tanner points out here, I wish he ended it with “and here’s how we CAN actually make a difference”.

2 Essential Lessons That Dissolve Stress – Kiak Hadem
“Stop the compare and despair game by actually living. This causes low self-esteem.” It’s so true — your perception and when you compare your values to others instead of just living in your truth causes us the most stress.

Have you ever qualified for Boston only to not get in? Are you running this year at Boston? If you’re a fitness professional, what do you think we can do to fix the fitness industry? Have you ever followed a meal plan only to have to backfire on you?