{Friday Favourites} The best reads around the web this week in health and fitness

best-reads-teaserHappy Friday, friends! What are you up to this weekend?

I have the Finlayson Arm 25K (but really 28K) trail race this Saturday, and I must admit I’m a little bit nervous about it, despite running the majority of the course two weeks ago. Debbie pointed out to me that there was a cut-off time for the 25K of 5.5 hours, which seemed strange as the 50K runners will be coming across the finish line well into the afternoon. It took us 5 hours (well, 4.5 hours if you don’t count us getting lost) just to run 22 km, let alone 28 km. And the part we missed during our training run is the fairly challenging. What are they going to do… prevent us from crossing the finish line that will be open for another 5 hours or so if we don’t finish by the cut-off time? I reached out to the race director to voice my concerns, and he said since the 50kers had a cut-off time it was only fair we did, too. Also, he said last year the average finish time for the 25k race was 4:15, and the last person came through at 5:18. Hrrm. Fingers crossed I can actually run faster on race day… even though I’m a BQ’er, I’m a fairly slow trail runner.

Although training for this race could have been better, I did okay despite lots of missed runs due to vacations and illnesses. I was pretty good about sticking to my strength training plan and shorter training runs, but didn’t get out on the trail as much as I should have this past month. Oh well — this is a just-for-fun race, anyway. Plus, there will be free post-race beer!

Since I’ve missed doing a Friday favourites link round-up these past few weeks due to freelance article deadlines, here are the best reads around the web this week in health and fitness, plus some of my favourite reads from last week you may have missed.

Was This Unfunny Comedian Censored For Her Fat-Shaming Rant? – James Fell for AskMen
I’m sure you probably watched Nicole Arbour’s video rant/attempt at comedy and cringed like I did this past weekend. It wasn’t funny; it was just plain mean. James Fell wrote an excellent piece about the whole ordeal, including the backlash she received, for Ask Men that you should read.

Butter In Your Coffee and Other Cons: Stories From a Fitness Insider – Lifehacker
“One thing I learned about the industry is that experts—actual experts—are known to argue about everything and rarely come to a consensus. In fact, the only unanimous consensus among them is that celebrity personalities like Dr. Oz, Tracy Anderson, and Food Babe are full of shit,” writes Dick Talens in this fab piece. “If you hear about a person or a product, it wasn’t necessarily because their methods work. It’s because they marketed their ass off. Those who rise to the top are simply those who are the best at selling their ‘wisdom,’ even if it’s completely wrong. Elite fitness money makers know that getting your attention is all that matters, and they’ll go great lengths to build their businesses around capturing it.” YES. YES TIMES A MILLION.

Eat Healthy Without Going Hungry – Triathlete.com
Some good tips on taming hangries when you’re in a deficit.

To Everyone That Hates Themselves Today… – Brittany Herself
A great reminder. Just read it.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with Negative Body Image – Pretty Little Grub
Some great tips from Jen about how to get back on track the RIGHT way after overindulging (aka having a great time and living life) over the summer. I’ve been there, and still need to remind myself NOT to stress about it.

Why I Don’t Count Calories – The Blissful Balance
Calorie counting can be a slippery slope for some people, and it’s not something I recommend you do for extended periods of time unless you have specific goals in mind. Food is meant to be enjoyed as well as consumed to nourish your body, and focusing on the numbers can distort that relationship.

All the fab posts about running on ilovetorun.org!
Myself and several other fellow fitness and health bloggers have been contributing over at ilovetorun.org (of eBibs fame). There are a ton of great running-related posts on the site for your reading pleasure, so go check them out!

Did you watch Nicole Arbour’s video? What did you think? How do you get back on track after a summer of overindulging? Do you count calories? Why or why not?