Friday Favourites: The best reads of the week in health, fitness and well-being

the best reads in health and wellnessHappy Friday, friends! How was your week?

Despite my bad news on Wednesday, I had a solid week of workouts, client training and program developing, freelance writing and actual work-work. Thank you all for your comments on yesterday’s post — though I’m disappointed I won’t be getting to experience Boston this year, I know I’ll get there eventually. I was kind of hoping to take a break from structured marathon training for awhile, but in order to attempt another BQ between now and September I’m going to aim for a March-May race. There’s the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1, a race I’ve done and really enjoyed, though I hear the full marathon route is rather hilly. I could also travel to a destination race, like the Phoenix Marathon in February, and combine it into some kind of a vacation. But I think I’d rather stay closer to home in a climate similar to what I’ll be training in.

Next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving AND the Goodlife Victoria Marathon, of which I’m running the half. I haven’t trained much other than a few 15 km runs on the weekend since I’ve maintained a good level of fitness since the Finlayson Arm 28K. I almost considered signing up for the full just to see how fast I could run… but logic won. Ange is coming to stay with me for the weekend which will be super awesome as well.

Some other highlights from the week:

Lovely fall morning here in #victoriabc for a #run ??? #yyj #runchat #sweatpink #fitfluential A photo posted by Bri (@runliftyogi) on

Beautiful but chilly fall morning run ??? #sweatpink #runchat #yyj #fitfluential #running

A photo posted by Bri (@runliftyogi) on

Now on to the links!

The best reads of the week in health, fitness and well-being

4 Powerful Ways To Combat Shame – Erin’s Inside Job
As I’m learning more about shame cycles and vulnerability, I can now recognize when I’m feeling shame versus guilt and can stop the process before it starts to bring me down. These are some great tips from Erin to help you do just that.

Get Moving: How Running Can Relieve Everyday Stress And Anxiety – The Liberty Project
In my second article for The Liberty Project, I discuss how I got into running and why I can’t stop.

How Long Does It Take To Form A Fitness Habit? – Burn the Fat Blog by Tom Venuto
I found this super interesting:

“How long it takes to form a habit wasn’t the only eye-opening finding in this study. Head researcher Phillippa Lally and her team also found the two other fascinating facts:

First, the repetitions of a behavior in the early phase can produce a larger increase in automation. This means that while you may not have established a new habit after only 21 days, those early weeks are a very important part of the process. It may take longer for the habit strength to reach its peak (where it plateaus), but if you get through that early phase, you are probably over the hump, so to speak.

Second, the study also found that missing one opportunity to perform the behavior did not materially affect the habit formation process.

This should be a sign of relief, especially for perfectionists, because it’s all too common for someone to miss one workout or eat one meal that was off the plan, and throw in the towel right there because they felt they had blown the entire program.”

 Fruit And Vegetables Aren’t Only Good For A Healthy Body; They Protect Your Mind Too – Science Daily
Just in case you need yet another reason to eat your greens.

How do you combat shame? Are you able to recognize it when it’s happening?
How did you get into fitness?
Have you ever tried to form a new habit/break an old one? How long did it take you?