{thinking out loud Thursday} My Boston Marathon dreams are crushed

I was among the 4,562 people who qualified to run the Boston Marathon this year whose dreams were crushed yesterday 🙁

Worst email ever.

Worst email ever.

The 2016 Boston Marathon qualifying performance was 2 minutes, 28 seconds or faster than the qualifying standard for your age and gender, which for me is a sub 3-hour and 35-minute marathon time. I was only 1 minute and 3 seconds faster. I missed qualifying for this year’s race by 1 minute and 25 seconds 🙁

I know that qualifying in and of itself is an accomplishment to be proud of. I worked damn hard to run that time. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally bummed and beating myself up over things I probably had no control over, such as taking too long of a walk break at that one aid station, getting sick a week before the race and having a mysterious foot injury.

Although I’m still proud of my accomplishment last year (if I had tried to qualify a year earlier I would have made it in), that fact is it wasn’t good enough.

And because it’s unpredictable how registration will go, that just means I need to get faster.

Fast enough to get myself in the earlier registration group, which starts at 5 minutes or more faster than your qualifying time. That means I need to run a marathon in 3 hours and 29 minutes.

Can I do it? I think I’ve got it in me. If I wasn’t sick and injured last year, I may have run just a tiny bit faster and be booking flights to Boston right now instead of looking up the best races to run a BQ at between now and September 2016.


I know there’s no point in beating myself up anymore. And if you were also one of those 4,562 people who qualified but didn’t get in, you shouldn’t, either. You qualified, you did it. You’re faster than the majority of humans roaming the planet. But I get it — being a part of the Boston race experience is something more exciting than hitting a time goal. Being at Boston IS the goal. It’s Mecca for runners.

So. All that’s left to do now is pick a goal race, train like an elite athlete this time and get myself to Boston for 2017.

Have you run Boston before? Did you get in for this year? Did you miss the cut off time? What goal race should I do?



Thanks Amanda for the link-up!