Warm gifts for cold people

Winter is coming. And I’m feeling just as miserable as Jon Snow is about it.


I’m one of those people who is always cold. And not just cold feeling, but actually cold in body temperature. Even in the summer I need to wear layers and can’t hold an icy drink for too long. I may as well be Elsa from Frozen by the way people recoil when I touch their arm or when I “accidentally” place my feet near their bare skin in bed (sorry Matt).

I always joke that I may have been a reptile in a past life due to my desire/need for warmth, but all kidding aside I do actually have a condition where my body can’t regulate cold very well; even the slightest drop in temperature leaves me reaching for a sweater. ย  I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease when I was about nine years old, which led to me being excused from many an outdoor gym class in the winter due to my hands turning blue-white within minutes. Feeling bone chilled is one thing, but when your capillaries contract and cut off the blood supply to your finger and toes, it’s incredibly painful. I remember standing with my white hands under the tap in the bathroom at school with warm water running and it feeling like the water was actually ice cold. It would take about 10-20 minutes for my hands to return to normal, one finger at a time. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen somebody with Raynaud’s go from cold to warm, but it’s really creepy looking. The blood doesn’t just subtly return to your extremities — it comes back with a vengeance, often turning your skin bright red or purple.

Even though I live in one of the warmest and mildest cities in Canada, I still struggle in the winter. I can’t imagine what it would be like living back east — I probably wouldn’t be able to leave my house! Aside from moving to Maui, the only things I can really do to stay warm this time of year is to keep my hands and feet covered and do my best to raise my body temperature with warm drinks, hot food, warm clothes and exercise.

That said, I thought I would link up with Heather of Life in Leggings to share some of my favourite warm things for Friday Favourites, and Nicole of Fitful Focus for Fit N’ Fashionable Friday since most happen to be items of fitness apparel (surprise, surprise). If you’ve got a loved one who suffers from Raynaud’s or is just generally cold all the time like I am, any of the following items would make a great Christmas gift ๐Ÿ™‚

Warm gifts for cold people

warm gifts for cold people

Oiselle gloves
I’m loving these Lux and Power Stretch gloves from Oiselle for running and daily walk commuting. They fit nice and snug, which I find is better than a looser-fitting glove or mitten when it comes to trying to keep your hands warm (and use my iPhone at the same time!). For times when I’m not exercising outside and need a bit more warmth, I’ll pair the Lux gloves with alpaca wool mittens.

Oiselle Runfinity scarf
Cozy scarves are a must for any chronically cold person, and the material of the Runfinity scarf from Oiselle is both warm and cozy.

Merino wool socks
Like warm gloves, cozy socks are a must for cold people. And not just any cozy socks — over-the-calf, thick, merino wool socks are the ones to wear. Icebreaker and SmartWool have a few great options for everyday wear and running socks. Although they’re a bit pricey, they’ll last much longer than what you might find at Costco.

Lululemon running jacket
They may be pricey, but the winter running jackets from Lululemon are amazing at keeping your body temperature regulated on the run. I have something similar to this that fits snugly enough to keep the cold air out, yet wicks sweat and keeps you comfortable as you warm up. Even the hood stays put if you have it up covering your ears during your run.

Toasty Mug
I often make tea just so I can hold something warm in my hands. This mug would be perfect for that!

Epsom salts
I take at least three baths a week during the winter just to raise my body temperature. I love lavender-scented Epsom bath salts, which not only help you relax but also soothe sore muscles.

Because you really can’t go wrong with giving the gift of tea to your cold person.

Soletics Raynaud’s Smart Gloves
If you don’t think any of the of the above items will help your cold person, you could always pick up a pair of these smart gloves designed specifically for Raynaud’s sufferers. Apparently the gloves have a “predictive heating effect that automatically informs where heat needs to be applied on a finger-by-finger basis,” and has a “small physical response (a light, comforting vibration)ย that lets the wearer know when the glove is actively warding off an attack.” As ridiculous (and expensive) as these might look, I think they’d be incredibly helpful to those who truly have a hard time coping with the disease.

Life In Leggings

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Are you a chronically cold person? Do you suffer from Raynaud’s? Do you have any cold-coping tips or warm gift ideas to share ?