Best reads in health, fitness and wellness on the web this week

the best reads in health and wellnessHappy Friday, friends! How was your week? Have you finished your Christmas baking/shopping/decorating? Are all your Starbucks-holiday-drink-consuming, Christmas-movie-watching, annual-holiday-traditions activities well underway?  If they are, I hope you’re taking a moment to truly enjoy the season and not get caught up in the stress of “needing to to do it all.”

But speaking of needing to do it all, my Erin Condren customized planner arrived yesterday, and the type-A in me is SO EXCITED to start planning out my entire 2016 with customized stickers, a budget book, notes, colourful markers, and tabs.

erin condren planner

I love that I was able to create customized and colour-coded calendar stickers to remind me when to blog, invoice for freelance writing, check in with personal training clients and pay bills. And I love that not only could I pick what style of carrying tote I wanted, but also that I could pick the colours and have my name printed on it. It’s SO worth the money. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself for 2016, you can use this referral link to get $10 off your first purchase!

Before I share a few of the best reads in health, fitness and wellness on the web this week, here are some Instagram scenes from this past week:

I didn’t see the curmudgeonly old bird man, but if I did, I was prepared.

This is what happens when you bake cookies with your boyfriend.

This is what happens when you bake cookies with your boyfriend. #xmascookies #baking #starwars #nomnom A photo posted by Bri (@runliftyogi) on

  We’ve had a winter storm blow in almost ever day this week. Luckily my runs have been timed perfectly so I at least avoid the rain!

Yet another storm blowing in! #westcoastwinter #pnw #yyj

A photo posted by Bri (@runliftyogi) on

Best reads in health, fitness and wellness on the web this week

Don’t eat the Christmas cookies! (And other dietary nonsense.) – Precision Nutrition
It’s Christmas. Just bake and savour your grandma’s famous shortbread recipe and save your gluten-free/dairy-free/Paleo/vegan/organic/non-GMO cookie recipes for the New Year.

5 Reasons to Avoid Detoxes & Cleanses (and What You Should Do Instead) – Nia Shanks
SO MUCH YES. It’s that time of year when we go searching for the latest diet fad and “cleanse” to help us shed that potential 1 lbs of body fat we may have gained over the holidays. And to that I say:


If you are looking to improve your health and wellness in the New Year in a healthy way, however, I’m hosting a 2016 Challenge group through my Koru Personal Training Facebook page where we’ll focus on mindfulness, nutrition and movement throughout the month on January. No diets or “cleanses”, just support to help you add in new healthy habits. Registration is only $20, and there will be some awesome participation prizes up for grabs! Use this form to register (I still need two more people to run the group!) and I’ll be touching base with everyone later this month with more details.

Why ‘clean eating’ is bad for you: The damaging psychology behind the latest health fad – Precision Nutrition
I really dislike the term “clean eating”, as it implies all other forms of eating aren’t acceptable. This is a really good article that breaks down where this psychological issue around food comes from and what we can do about it.

The Importance of Learning to Critique Your Story – Erin’s Inside Job
I’ve applied many of the questions that Erin asks here and have seen immense improvements in all facets of my life over this past year. This is a great post you should definitely read!

Dealing with Forced Rest Without Going Crazy – Suzlyfe
If you’re a runner or physically active in any way, shape or form, you’ve most probably been sidelined with an injury at some point. Poor Susie, who is currently sidelined with a sacral stress fracture, shares tips on how NOT to go crazy when forced to rest.

Have you ever used a life planning? What are your thoughts on the term “clean eating”? Do you bake “healthy” Christmas treats or traditional ones?