My one word for 2016

one word for 2016Happy 2016, friends! I hope you woke up feeling fresh and revived and ready to tackle another 365 days on Earth spinning around the sun. Or perhaps you woke up late like I did, took a few pain killers to get rid of your champagne headache and have been nursing a coffee for the last hour or so. Nevertheless, I feel good about the year to come. Not in a “I’m going to have a positive attitude not matter what and everything will go my way” kind of good, but good in my current and newfound mindset of accepting what is and being grateful for what I have. My not-giving-a-f**k mindset (I must find a better way to say that).

Yesterday I took the fabulous advice posted by Elizabeth Gilbert on her Facebook page and wrote down on a piece of paper things I’d like to let go of or leave behind from 2015, burnt it, collected the ashes and dumped them into the nearest body of water. Gilbert wrote, “This is a day to return to the elements — fire, water, earth — and to set yourself free from what was, while opening your heart wide to what is to come. It’s worth the trouble to invent a little ceremony at this moment of transition, because it’s a big moment.”


I was heading out for a 12 km run anyway yesterday, so I wrote down on a small piece of paper the things I’d like to leave behind from last year and what I’d like to let go of for this year, burnt the paper in the wood stove, collected the ashes in an empty Nuun container and ran 6 km to the fishing dock at Elk Lake. I said goodbye to all the tears, pain, sadness and worries from the past year as I watched the ashes swirl down towards the weeds. As I ran back, I felt lighter. I truly did feel like I was setting myself free from what was and opening my heart wide to what is to come. That’s when my one word for 2016 popped into my head.


To not be afraid of what others think of me and my work (both as a writer, coach and change manager). To be fearless and more bold in my creativity. To do things that scare me. To put myself out there without fear of rejection. And when I get rejected, to not be afraid to try again. To be fearless in my truth.

I have a lot of scary things I’m planning to do this year, so the word fearless seems fitting for 2016. Last year my one word was trust: to trust myself and my intuition (which I did, and as always, it was right), to trust my body in knowing that it can go the distance, and to trust my skills and knowledge. I’m not sure I totally did trust myself, because I still lacked confidence in everything from my work to showing how I really felt. I think accepting fearless as a mindset this year will help.

Right now I’m about half way through reading Gilbert’s Big Magic (which is AMAZING, by the way), and I’ve already decided to make some bold and fearless changes based on her advice in the book around my passion projects (essentially this blog and my personal training business — more on this to come next week!).

So that’s it. Here’s to a fun, fantastic and fearless New Year.

Do you have any New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day rituals? How did you celebrate last night? Do you have a one word for 2016?