Five Things Friday – Magazine articles, moving and muscles

sportsbraarticle2Happy Friday, friends!

I have random pieces of news to share that you may or may not be interested in, so what better way put it out there than with a Five Things Friday post?

  1. My profile is finally up on Get Out There Magazine’s website, so all (50? 60?) of my articles are linked at last. I’ve been writing for them on a regular basis since 2015, from general fitness articles to web promotions to content for other event sites they manage. Even though it takes up a good chunk of my time, writing consistently helps to keep my skills sharp and builds my writing resume. Plus, it’s fun to research Canadian-based endurance events and activities, such as wine runs, food runs and naked yoga classes, haha.

2. My sports bra article for IMPACT Magazine is finally out! You can read it online here (on page 132) to find out which of the 21 bras we tested made the cut.


3. I’m moving out of my tiny bachelor apartment and cohabiting like a grown up in a real house at last! Even though I’ve technically been living with Matt for the past three months, I’m finally bringing the rest of my stuff over this weekend. I spent most of yesterday getting rid of things — it’s surprising how much stuff I have in 450 square feet. I was able to donate two garbage bags full of clothes and kitchen stuff. Packing and purging will continue this weekend, as well as setting up my own office space for writing in one of the spare bedrooms. I’m so excited to have my own desk and work space again!

So glad this won't have to be my office anymore!

So glad this won’t have to be my office anymore!


4. I’m in a constant state of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) thanks to my new workout routine. I so missed strength training and it feels GREAT to be lifting more again. I definitely have a ways to go to get back to where I was (I can’t do a pull up anymore :(), but I’m okay with taking it slow. I still plan on running one or two days during the week, leading up to more trail runs as the weather improves.

Getting ready to plank. Indy is supervising.

Getting ready to plank. Indy is supervising.


5. I shared four positive, exciting things, now on to something not so positive. On Wednesday I shared a guest post from someone who I thought was a legit person looking to share fitness advice, but instead turned out to be someone proliferating fitness blogs with links back to some apparel website to boost SEO/give it Google juice. I get several emails a week from marketers saying “I love your blog and I think your readers will love this content, please share it with them and link back to X site” or “we’ll pay you $100 to post this content on your blog” or “please write about X topic and link back to this site”, and I’m usually pretty good at deciphering who is genuine and who isn’t (for the record, if I think it’s spam it gets deleted. I will not compromise the authenticity of my blog and will ALWAYS disclose when something is sponsored). This one slipped through, and when the writer noticed I removed a random paragraph that did not fit with the content of the piece — and that happened to contain a link to said apparel site — she asked me to put it back in and said that the link “meant a lot” to her, and if I wasn’t going to do that then she’d have to ask me to remove the text. That is not how guest posting works, my friend. I’ll be replacing the text with my own article about the topic when I have time. From now on, I’m only accepting guest posts from people I know or bloggers in my content/ambassador networks. Lesson learned!


6. BONUS THING: I watched the Barkley Marathons documentary the other night and totally had dreams about my Squamish race. Have you watched it yet?? How crazy is that race?? I had weird flashback feelings watching it, especially as they were getting ready at the campsite before the race and how delusional and beaten down they were at the end. I couldn’t imagine “running” 30-ish miles on a course where you have no idea where you’re going, getting all cut up by brambles and having to come back to the starting line to go out again for your next loop, TIMES FIVE. I know how hard it is to keep going when all you want to do is quit, and if you’ve ever done an ultra, you can totally empathize with the runners in the movie. In a weird way, even though I hated almost every moment of Squamish (except for the end), watching that movie made me want to run an ultra again (what’s wrong with me??).

That's my "who would voluntarily sign up for that" face.

That’s my “who would voluntarily sign up for that” face.


Do you have your own office space? What are the best desk/wall organizers for a home office? Are you planning to do some spring cleaning/purging? Have you watched the Barkley Marathons yet? Did it make you want/not want to do an ultra? Bloggers: How do you deal with marketers/link droppers? Have you ever had something like that happen to you?