Five Things Friday: Beat the Blerch, print magazine features and why I’m loving spring right now

five thingsHappy Friday, lovelies!

Let’s see if I actually have five exciting/fun/interesting things to share with you this week…

I’m running Beat the Blerch! Timing never worked out for this race for me before–which I’ve been dying to do since The Oatmeal‘s Matthew Inman first announced it–but this year it will fit perfectly into my third-time’s-a-charm BQ attempt at the Goodlife Victoria Marathon in October. I’ll be doing the half and using it as a speedy race-prep race, though I’ll probably have to stop and take photos of blerchs and to eat birthday cake. Because how could you not. Also, heading to Seattle means a stop a the Oiselle store (sorry, bank account). Is anyone else planning to do it??



I ran in shorts and a t-shirt for the first time since October! Well, if you don’t count the marathon in Phoenix. It was 20 degrees C here last night, so I hit the trails for a quick 5K. My legs were dead from yesterday’s strength session so it was a bit of a struggle. I swear I didn’t plan the colour coordination.


My shoes are also blue and neon yellow!


The print edition of IMPACT Magazine with my article in it is out! And in running stores and race kits across Canada. I’ll actually have another piece coming out in the May/June issue, but only a short interview I did with a local athlete, not a multi-page spread with my face in it.

Courtesy of Debbie. If you live in Victoria, you can grab a copy at Frontrunners and The Running Room!

Courtesy of Debbie. If you live in Victoria, you can grab a copy at Frontrunners and The Running Room!


I’m obsessed with this giant magnolia tree blooming in our backyard. Just look at it!




To top it off, hummingbirds are nesting in it. I expect to see owls, squirrels and fairies emerging from it any day now.

Kitchen window view!

Kitchen window view!


There’s one other thing I’d like to share that’s super awesome and exciting, but I can’t just yet as I don’t know if it will happen. I will know soon, though, and you can bet I’ll share it with y’all as soon as I do. So stay tuned! (Does that count as five??)

What are you up to this weekend? Are you running in shorts yet? Do you want to come run Beat the Blerch with me????