Five things Friday: Getting strong, crappy runs and my new home office!

five thingsHappy almost Saturday, friends! And happy April Fool’s, I suppose?

I was hoping to post more this week, but with moving and unpacking and freelance work taking up the majority of my “free” time right now, I just haven’t felt motivated to sit down and write. I still don’t, so I’m going to make this short and sweet 🙂

1. I’m starting to get some upper body strength/definition back thanks to my new strength training program. I’ve been pretty consistent with it since I got back from vacation in early March, and will continue it for another month until I mix up the reps, sets and weight a bit.

2. I’ve only done a handful of 5 km runs since the marathon, and they’ve been pretty sloggy — I can tell it’s time to go running shoe shopping (I’m way overdue as I’ve run two marathons in this pair that I’ve had since October). It also doesn’t help that pollen is literally coating EVERYTHING in sight right now and I’m having a hard time breathing outside. The only good things about my runs lately are that it’s light out enough after work to hit the trails, the weather has been beautiful and I’m treated to scenery like this:


Centennial Trail


Prospect Lake

3. I finally have my own home office! After three years of blogging and freelance writing from my bed, I finally have a desk. With drawers! And a pin board! And an office chair! I still need to hang the board and find some nice pictures for the frames I bought, but it’s coming together nicely. Once my space is all organized I’ll share some photos, but for now here’s a teaser. See if you can spot the chocolate, wiener dog and what awesome blog I’m reading 😉


4. After rewatching the Barkley Marathons eariler this week, I’m really feeling the itch to run another ultra again soon. I’m kind of sad I missed out on registering for the Finlayson Arm 50 race for this year (it sold out within weeks!), so perhaps I’ll do a half marathon or something to tied me over this summer before I started training to qualifying for Boston AGAIN. Or maybe I’ll just hit the trails on Sundays with Debbie again as soon as it gets a bit warmer. Speaking of Barkley, the 2016 race is this weekend and Vancouver’s own Gary Robbins is racing. He’s the Squamish 50 race director I cursed at the end of my first 50K race a few summers ago for making such a horrible (in a good way) race. I sure can’t wait to read that race report. Good luck Gary!

5. I’m attempting to get my tax stuff together this weekend, which is tricky when you have a full-time gig, extra income from freelance writing and a personal training side business. If you’re a blogger (or even an online trainer or freelance writer), you need to read this amazing post by Ange of Cowgirl runs about how to file your taxes if you’re a sole proprietor. If only I had this information last year — it would have saved me HOURS scouring the CRA website for what to claim and what I can’t claim.

I guess that wasn’t really short and sweet. Oh well. Have a great weekend!