Product Review: Magnaphones Wireless Yoga and Running Headphones

magnaphones reviewI didn’t think I needed wireless earbuds until the folks at Magnaphones were kind enough to send me their new sweat proof, weatherproof wireless Bluetooth earphones to try out to see what I thought about them.

And… I’m never going back to corded earbuds again. I seriously love them.

Although I only listen to music occasionally when I run, I definitely listen to it when I race. And I don’t know how many minutes I’ve lost during a race frigging around with an earbud that popped out because a) I’m sweating a lot, or b) I accidentally snag the cord with my swinging arm and rip it out of my ear. Never. Again.

There are lots of wireless earbuds on the market these days, but one of the main reasons why I never invested in a pair was because I heard the sound sucks, they don’t stay put like they’re supposed to and/or are expensive. So I was excited to discover that not only are Magnaphones guaranteed NEVER to fall out when you wear them with when one their stylish headbands (they didn’t budge during plyo workouts without the headband, so it’s safe to say they really do stay put during any activity!), they’re also comfortable, sweat proof and actually have decent sound. It’s slightly more muffled that my regular earbuds (when I told this to the company they said they tried to make sure loud ranges didn’t get distorted, which happens with small earbuds) but the sound is still really good. And the best part? They retail for about $30 (or $40 with the yoga or running headband). Totally worth the cost in my opinion.

Excited to try it out!

Excited to try it out!


I’ve worn the earbuds on a few runs, tested them out with the headband (which was easy to put on with the earbuds) and listened to a guided yoga class, wore them when I needed to be quiet in the morning listening my Tone It Up workouts on my phone, and wore them all over the house (they have about a 30-foot range) when I was cleaning for three hours this past weekend (they lasted through about 6 hours of use before I had to charge them again). Vacuuming while jamming to new Keith Urban and Beyoncรฉ is SO much better than regular vacuuming… I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

Magnaphones with Magnabands

Magnaphones with Magnabands

Here's the back of the headband where you insert the earphones

Here’s the back of the headband where you insert the earphones


Magnaphones also have a built-in microphone so you can take calls while out on a run, and have comfortable ear cushions you can replace over time if you need to.

My verdict? They’re awesome. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that won’t budge, are affordable AND sound great, definitely go check them out.

Disclaimer: I was compensated with product in return for my honest opinion. I choose to share it on my blog because I really love them and think you will too!

Do you run with wireless or corded earbuds? What do you love/not love about them? Have you ever worn earbuds during yoga?