Fitness Friday: Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon training week 7

fitnessfridayHappy Friday, friends!

We’re experiencing a bit of a heatwave here in Victoria right now, which is awesome and I love it (my happy place is 25-30 degrees C — that’s 77-87 for my American friends)… but it’s making for some slow and sloggy runs.

On Tuesday I wasn’t feeling good in the morning so I saved my tempo run for after work. My legs were heavy and it was too hot and humid, making for a half-assed tempo run at best. On Thursday I ran at my normal 5:00 a.m. time (when it’s cooler and dark and scary, which makes me run faster) and felt much better.

Here’s how my week of workouts shaped up:


Rest day! I did my usual 3 hours of chores plus took the dogs for an evening stroll.


Long run day! I headed out earlier to beat the heat this time and ran 22 km in 2:11:32 with a 5:59 average pace. I started out much slower than expected again and picked up the pace when I hit the trails at Elk Lake. I think the shade helps me run faster! Again I ran without water and fuel, but stopped twice at the water fountains at the lake. This Sunday I’ll definitely need to bring water if it’s going to be this hot.

MONDAY (this week)

I did Tone It Up Toned Abs and Arms from the Beach Babe 4 DVD followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill (walking at a steep incline because it squeaks too loud when I run on it at 5:00 a.m.). My legs felt okay after the Sunday long run, but I was starting to feel a bit exhausted by the end of the day.


As I mentioned above, I wasn’t feeling good and went for a half-assed 8 km tempo run when I got home from work. My legs were super sore after the run, so I took the dogs for a quick walk as a recovery activity. All I wanted to do for the rest of the night was sit on the couch.


I was feeling better than the day before, so I managed to roll out of bed and do a few booty bands exercises, some kettlebell exercises and core exercises from a few Tone It Up videos before hitting the treadmill for another 20 minute walk.


I felt pretty much back to normal and my legs were ready to go again, so I did a 43-minite track-style workout. After a 12-minute warm up, I did 7 x 100 m sprints with a 100 m recovery in between, then 4 x 30 m hills sprints followed by a few track drills (walking lunges, A-skips, side skips and backwards running) followed by a 2-minute cool down jog. I covered about 6.7 km total.


It’s my flex day (meaning I work longer hours during the work week to get every second Friday off), so I got up early for a 7 km run before it got too hot. Even at 6:00 a.m. it was 20 degrees! I did an easy run for about 6 km, picked up the tempo for the last km and kind of jogged/walked up a few hills back home. I finished up with my favourite barre/Pilates Tone It Up workout for 20 minutes plus some upper body. I need to do my long run tomorrow, so I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous on my lower body.

Even though my nutrition has been pretty good this week (except for yesterday when I ate crackers, wine and Coconut Bliss for dinner), my body has been all over the place. Some days my clothes fit, some days they don’t. I’m dealing with some hormonal issues right now and I’m puffed up like a water balloon most days of the week. I got more results back from tests which ruled out a few things, but something weird is still going on (TMI alert: I got two periods this month, lucky me!). On the positive side, I was given the okay for the marathon, so I finally registered last night — apparently there are less than 200 spots left in the full, which is out of the ordinary for this race (it’s never sold out). So if you’re thinking about running you better get on it!

What do you have planned for workouts this weekend?
Ladies: Have hormone issues ever affected your training? Do you get bloated as badly as I do?
What’s the weather like where you are right now?