Monthly Goals – August Recap

Where did August go? Why are the leaves turning brown already? Why are there Christmas decorations at Costco?? I’m not ready for tall boots, layers, infinity scarves and pumpkin spice lattes. I don’t even like pumpkin spice lattes!

I definitely prefer warmer climes, and as soon as I noticed a smattering of dry, yellow maple leafs on the trails near my house, I started researching our next tropical vacation and decided we needed two weeks this time.

Fall, you sure are pretty but please go away.

Fall, you sure are pretty but please go away.

The only good thing about fall — aside from the prettiness of the leaves when they just start to turn, not when they look all dead and brown on the trail — is that marathon day is just around the corner, and October has the perfect race-day temperatures. No more of this running for 3+ hours in 28 degree heat. Although I love the warmth, even I have my thresholds.

Because August came and went in the blink of an eye, I have a feeling I didn’t do so well in actually achieving any of them except for my fitness goals (clearly the most important right now with a marathon looming).

Let’s recap how my fitness, personal and professional goals for August, shall we?



  1. Hit my planned 4:50 pace for my weekly tempo runs for at least 20 minutes straight (basically, don’t be lazy and only do it for a few kms).
    āœ“ DONE! Except for one run when I had to go after work and was feeling so lazy. At least I ran, though, right?
  2. Track my runs and workouts in my new Believe Training Journal! I finally ordered it to see if it will help improve my focus on marathon training this time around by allowing me to reflect back each day on how my workouts went. Sure, I have everything tracked in my phone, but I hardly look at it once it’s done.
    āœ“ DONE! Because I’m doing regular training recaps over on the Goodlife Victoria Marathon blog, I need to keep track of my workouts and the journal has been perfect for that.


  1. Stop mindless nibbling when preparing meals!
    Only sort-of stopped doing this. When I didn’t mindlessly snack while preparing meals, I’d get hungry later anyways and eat half a box of crackers. I’m eating enough to support training, but could be choosing options that are healthier than crackers and wine.
  2. Continue to track my food and log in my journal how I’m feeling, and adjust macronutrients/calories as needed.
    āœ“ DONE! This has been really helpful for training, especially when I compare it to how training went that day. There’s definitely a correlation to not enough carbs and crappy runs.
  3. Slow down when eating — I tend to scarf food without putting down my fork in between bites. This can’t be good for my digestive system.
    I totally forget this was a goal, so I probably didn’t do it, haha!


  1. Go through ALL of my clothes, KonMari style! I’m currently reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and my desire to purge and put things away is high. Even though I tossed out so much stuff when I moved into this house in February, stuff is spilling out everywhere and it’s driving me nuts. By the end of this week, I’m going to throw every article of clothing (shoes, bags, accessories included) on the floor, pick up each item, see if it “sparks joy”, and decide to keep it or toss it. (I’m actually really excited for this, haha!)
    I SOOOOOO wanted to do this this month (and might try to find a few hours on the long weekend), but I ended up needing to do a bunch of freelance writing during any downtime I had. This will definitely be on the list for next month.
  2. Use my Erin Condren Life Planner again to keep track of life — I stopped using my journal in April and relied on my phone again to tell me when things are due/where I’m supposed to be, and definitely didn’t feel as on top of things. At the end of each day I want to spend 30 minutes filling in both my training journal and life journal.
    Although I managed to write in my Believe training journal, I didn’t even crack open my life planner. I feel like the blog and the training journal is enough right now for reflection.


  1. Be mindful of our grocery budget. This seems to be where most of my money goes (I’m the primary food purchaser), which seems crazy because we’re just two people (and three dogs!). I’d like to cut this back to $150 a week (last month I spent $800 total, but that included food for Sunfest).
    Eeek. I tried to be mindful, but then I got my own Costco card and we decided to do a “Costco run” and stock up on everything, which put me about $400 over budget.
  2. Fill in my budget sheet at the end of the month. I was proactive and filled out my expected budget for August, so we’ll see how I do at the end of the month!
    I started to do this and will hopefully finish it this weekend!


  1. Get back to writing at least three times a week on my blog. I miss it, and I want to get a consistent Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, and Friday post going again. I may need to block off some time on Sundays to get them all ready, as I don’t have my time in the mornings anymore to write.
    I think I managed two times a week, which is a good start. I have a few campaigns and product reviews coming up so I’ll have more content soon.
  2. Look into getting things cleaned up/sped up on my blog. Do you notice any slow downs or things that bug you? Do you have any layout/content feedback? Please tell me! I’ll post a survey later this month, but feel free to just comment below šŸ™‚
    āœ“ DONE! I did a few things in the back end to speed things up and tried to clean up the side bar a bit. I never got around to a survey, so maybe that’ll be a goal for September.

Four out of 11 goals is okay, I guess? Haha. I’ll put some more thought into my goals for next month and will share them on the blog next week!

Thanks Ange and Carmy for the link up!

Thanks Ange and Carmy for the link up!

Did you have any goals you completed or didn’t complete this month? What type of goal is usually the hardest for you (personal, fitness, nutrition, etc.?) What are your goals for September?