Product Review: HUM Nutrition supplements

Although the majority of us probably DON’T need to waste our money on vitamins and supplements to be healthy human beings, some of us — like female endurance athletes who live in Canada, are vegetarian, have poor circulation and wacky hormones (*cough* me) — might need to take supplements to support their health to help them continue to do the activities they love.

HUM Nutrition review


Because I run marathons, work out six days a week and don’t eat red meat, my doctor suggested I take zinc and magnesium (since I sweat pretty much every day) and iron (I’m borderline anemic but my levels have improved quite a bit with supplementation). And because I’m female with a problematic gut, my doctor also suggested I take calcium (when I don’t eat yogurt), a probiotic for my gut health and vitamin D in the winter.

These are the essential vitamins and minerals I need to add in daily (depending on my diet and the time of year) to support my health so I can keep running marathons and doing other active things I love as recommended by my doctor. And I suggest you also visit your doctor FIRST if you’re not feeling your best to see if you might be lacking in an essential vitamin, mineral or nutrient before buying up the supplement store.

But if you ARE in the market for supplements that your doctor suggested you take OR you have skin issues and want to try taking supplements to see if it makes a difference, I highly recommend checking out HUM Nutrition — not only are their supplements vegetarian-based, high quality and focused supporting skin and gut health, but also they have a handy subscription service that you can mix up each month depending on what you need.

My current HUM collection!

My current HUM collection!


I’ve been using HUM for just over a year, and so far have been really impressed. Even though it’s on the pricier side (especially for Canadians, ugh) at $50 US a month for three types of supplements, they always send you extra goodies and their customer service is top-notch. Every time I think to myself, “man, I could get some of these for half the price at the local supplement store. What am I doing?!”, I have a hard time giving up some of my truly effective (but mostly non-essential) favourites:

turn back time hum nutrition




I must admit, the inflammation of my skin decreased (especially in the summer after multiple sunburns) and the texture improved a ton after taking Turn Back Time for three months. It contains turmeric and Phyto-Polyphenols for antioxidants to help protect against UV ray damage AND getting older…. right? RIGHT?!



flatter me hum nutrition




This supplement is a LIFESAVER. I take a Flatter Me digestive enzyme before most meals (or at least ones that contain lots of protein or foods I have a hard time digesting) to help reduce after-meal bloating. I notice a huge difference after eating when I take it before a meal and when I don’t.



gut instrinct hum nutrition





Another one of my favourites. I take Gut Instinct (which contains 25 billion little organisms to keep my digestive system happy) everyday as my probiotic.



pimp my calcium





This one is not as exciting, but essential! Pimp My Calcium also contains D3 for proper absorption.




Aside from my favourites, I also take Here Comes the Sun (vitamin D), Red Carpet Ready (a safflower oil supplement that helped reduce my eczema in the winter) and Base Control (iron), and just ordered their Collagen Love to try. I also really like their Raw Beauty mint chocolate mix as snack with almond milk (it’s really tasty but kind of expensive for what it is) and B Turbo (for when I wasn’t eating any animal products at all). Since they don’t carry a straight zinc or magnesium supplement, I just get these locally.

Although HUM carries some really good basic supplements, they’ve also got some woo-ish supplements on their website with the words “cleanse”, “detox”, “skinny” and “weight loss” in them. Don’t waste your money on those. They don’t do anything.

So there you have it! Although I was not paid to write this and this is not a sponsored post (just my own, honest opinion after a year of testing!), every HUM Nutrition customer gets their own unique discount code to share so others (and I) can get $10 off products. So if you do sign up for HUM, you can use my code FB4C3 for $10 off!

Do you take supplements? If so, what kinds and why?
Have you heard of HUM?
What supplement appeals to you the most?