{thinking out loud Thursday} The weirdest search terms that have led people to my blog this year

“Old man eating spaghetti painting”.

Why someone would need to look that up, I don’t know… but how that term led someone to my blog a few years ago is a real head-scratcher.

I love looking at analytics and finding out how people came across my blog. Not only do these insights help me understand where my readers are coming from, what they’re interested in and what questions they want answered, but also help me to optimize my posts so they’re a bit more discoverable on the interwebz.

So honour of Thinking Out Loud Thursday, I thought it would be fun to share some of the weirdest search terms that have led people to my blog this year.

Before I get to the weird stuff, some of the most common search terms people have used this year that led them to my blog are anything to do with the FitBit: how it calculates calories burned, how it tracks your calories and if it’s accurate or not. That probably has something to do with this post, this post and this post (a new FitBit Charge HR 2 review will be coming soon!).

But sometimes, much to my delight, I get a totally random phrase show up in my site stats and wonder how in the world that term led someone to a blog about running, lifting and yoga. Most of the time I can figure out what post they stumbled upon, but sometimes… I just don’t know. So without further ado, here are some of the most unusual search terms that have led people to my blog this year and my response to whomever was looking for that kind of information.

introverts unite – Yes, occasionally! In small groups! For limited periods of time!

gifts for people with raynaud’s – This was searched three times and I love it. Us Raynaud’s sufferers really do appreciate heated gloves and warm socks!

sweet wetsuit – I have a wetsuit, and wore it a few times during my triathlon training days. But I definitely looked more “stuffed sausage-esque” than “sweet”. Sorry, buddy.

want to be alone forever – πŸ™


mind wants to work out but body does not – I hear ya on this one. My advice would be to tell your body to put on your running shoes and gear and see if you can make it out the door/to the gym and run/workout for just 5 minutes. Betcha you’ll keep going!

how to make beaded leaf with rose and fish line – I don’t know what this it is you’re trying to make, but I bet you could find it on Etsy?

i am introvert i just want to be left alone for few days – I totally get it. You need to be alone for a period of time to recharge, but not forever. Humans are social creatures and need each other πŸ™‚

should i use my roller during marathon taper – Yes. Yes you should.

I used my RAD roller tonight, actually!

I used my RAD roller tonight, actually!

hard work with selfie – Selfies are hard work, which is why I hardly ever take them.

A rare selfie

A rare selfie

bigning gym body selfie – I’m going to assume you were searching for “banging gym body selfie”. Sorry, you won’t find any of that around here.

sad face for my bf he is sick – LOL. I’m sorry to hear that. Here you go: πŸ™

its not weird its called having a personality – That’s a good way to put it!

Bloggers: What was the weirdest search term that led people to your blog?