October Goals

So here’s the thing.

I totally forgot to post my goals for September on the blog, even though I recapped August and said I would put some thought into my September goals and post them on the blog the following week.

I suppose it’s best that I forgot, because I think it’s safe to say that September was a FAIL.


And it kind of was in all aspects except for fitness. I’ve been hitting 95% of my workouts, had a great half marathon tune-up race, and am in the last week of taper before the Victoria Marathon next weekend.

As for personal, financial, nutrition and writing goals… well, let’s just say I’ve been stress eating sugary cereal out of the box more than usual; not writing down my workouts, thoughts or feelings; and not finding time to organize my things/purge stuff. On top of that, within the span of a week I found out my regular freelance gig dried up and my ad network shut down without paying me the $1,750 I was owed for campaigns I worked on this summer. Of course, this all happened after I booked a trip to Maui thinking, oh, I have that money coming to me at the end of the month so I’ll just put this on my visa now…


So, with that out of the way, here are my goals for October.


1.      Stay healthy (meaning get sleep and don’t stay up late), ease up on running (meaning don’t run hard when you have a planned easy run just because you feel like it), and foam roll at least twice a week over the next three weeks.

2.      Run hard, don’t let my legs tell my brain to stop and QUALIFY FOR THE 2018 BOSTON MARATHON with a time of 3:29:00 on October 9, 2016!

Boston is my squirrel...

Boston is my squirrel…



1.      Stop chowing down on cereal and crackers out of the box and pour some in a bowl like a civilized human if you want to eat some. Hopefully my caveman-like carbs carvings will stop when marathon training is over.

2.      Cut back on chocolate. It’s getting out of hand again, and not only is it expensive (the stuff I like is $5 a bar), but also I only really need a bit to satisfy my chocolate carving. After that I’m just mindlessly nibbling.

Peanut Butter Apple Smoothie

My goal is to replace snackies with healthy Vega smoothies



1.      Go through all of my clothes to purge what I haven’t worn in a while and tidy up my closet. I have been planning to do this in a KonMari style since August, but just haven’t had an afternoon free to do it thanks to weekend long runs and other events.

2.      Use my Erin Condren Life Planner again to keep track of life — I stopped using my journal in April and relied on my phone again to tell me when things are due/where I’m supposed to be, and definitely didn’t feel as on top of things. At the end of each day I want to spend 30 minutes filling in both my training journal and life journal.


1.      Ugh. Aside from saving and scraping to afford our vacation, I already completed goal number one for October which was to set up an RRSP mutual fund. I can only put aside a small bit of cash right now, but as least it’s something.

2.      Stick. To. My. Budget. Aside from bills and regular expenses like groceries and pet food and gas, this is all I’m allowed to spend this month on the following:
– Dining out: $100
– Coffee: $10.00 (I usually make it at home and bring it to work, but there’s the odd coffee meeting I attend)
– Nails (I have an appointment for this month but if times are tight I can forgo this expense): $50
– Make up/hair care: $100
– Gifts/extra: $50
– Entertainment: $100
– Wine: $30 (yes this gets it’s own category)
– Misc: $100

I’m a little bit nervous about this budget coming into the holiday season, and I already told Matt no gifts this year as Maui is our “gift”.

In my happy place

In my happy place


1.      Line up at least another two or three freelance gigs. I have some article ideas, so this month I plan to pitch to another one of my regular publishing networks or perhaps reach out to a new one.

2.      Blog at least three times a week. Now that I no longer have my regular writing gig, this frees up some time to start working on the 20 blog post ideas I’ve had sitting in a note for the last year or so. Get ready for more content!

Thanks Ange and Carmy for the link up!

Thanks Ange and Carmy for the link up!


Did you have any goals you completed or didn’t complete this month?
What type of goal is usually the hardest for you (personal, fitness, nutrition, etc.?)
Were you affected by the Mode Media shut down?
What are your goals for October?