October Goals Recap – How did I do this month?

Happy Friday and Happy almost Halloween!

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, I doubt we’ll do anything aside from watch a few scary movies and eat candy. I bought a huge box of treats from Costco, but we get zero children visiting our house since it’s in the middle of nowhere and also kind of creepy and ominous-looking from the street. If the odd neighbourhood kid was out treat-or-treating in our neck of the woods (we’re literally in the woods), they’d probably skip our house anyway.

So yes, that Costco-sized box of mini chocolate bars is for us.


But on to my monthly goal recap!

Again, I sort of forgot about what goals I set for myself but was surprised I stuck with a few of them. Here’s how I did this month with my personal, financial, health and fitness goals.


1.      Stay healthy (meaning get sleep and don’t stay up late), ease up on running (meaning don’t run hard when you have a planned easy run just because you feel like it), and foam roll at least twice a week over the next three weeks.

Success! Well, sort of. I got lots of sleep and eased up on running, but only did 10-minutes of yoga twice a week until everything felt back to normal. I’d say this was about an 85% success rate.

Hiking with the dogs on the weekend has replaced long training runs and it's the best.

Hiking with the dogs on the weekend has replaced long training runs and it’s the best.

Gus in Gowlland Tod Park, loving the trails!

Gus in Gowlland Tod Park, loving the trails!

2.      Run hard, don’t let my legs tell my brain to stop and QUALIFY FOR THE 2018 BOSTON MARATHON with a time of 3:29:00 on October 9, 2016!

FAIL 🙁 I ran hard, but not hard enough. You can read my recap here to find out what happened.

I ran hard, but not hard enough :(

I ran hard, but not hard enough 🙁


1.      Stop chowing down on cereal and crackers out of the box and pour some in a bowl like a civilized human if you want to eat some.

Success! Since marathon training ended I no longer have those wicked carb carvings and am back on my normal diet.

Kale and sundried tomato pizza on a pita crust <3

Kale and sundried tomato pizza on a pita crust <3

2.      Cut back on chocolate.

Success! I rationed the two bars I would buy each week and managed to cut back and save money at the same time. This goal does not apply to Halloween, though, where mini chocolate bars will not be rationed.


1.      Go through all of my clothes to purge what I haven’t worn in a while and tidy up my closet.

Success! I managed to pull together three bags of clothes and shoes and the Canadian Diabetes Foundation will be picking them up in two weeks. I also managed to sell my old microwave for $20 on UsedVictoria. Hooray!

2.      Use my Erin Condren Life Planner again to keep track of life.

FAIL. I wrote out a budget in it, but that’s about it. I still just use my notepad on my Mac and phone to keep track of life.


1.      Ugh. Aside from saving and scraping to afford our vacation, I already completed goal number one for October which was to set up an RRSP mutual fund.

Well, SUCCESS since I did it already. I also signed up for the Canada Savings Bonds plan at work to take a little bit off each paycheck starting next year as well.

2.      Stick. To. My. Budget. Aside from bills and regular expenses like groceries and pet food and gas, this is all I’m allowed to spend this month on the following:
– Dining out: $100 (actual $75.00 for a date night dinner)
– Coffee: $10.00 (actual $2.75)
– Nails: $50 (actual $0.00)
– Make up/hair care: $100 (actual $175.00)
– Gifts/extra: $50 (actual $20.00 for eggs and lotto at my office)
– Entertainment: $100 (actual $5.00 for a ghost walk last weekend)
– Wine: $30 (actual $0.00)
– Misc: $100 (actual $105.00 for a pre-race massage)

That puts me $157.25 under budget, which is awesome! I may need to dip into that to order more make-up (I hate when I run out of everything at once), or buy new running shoe since mine are almost done.

Spending more nights in with the dogs instead of out spending money this month

Spending more nights in with the dogs instead of out spending money this month


1.      Line up at least another two or three freelance gigs.

I’d say SUCCESS and FAIL — I pitched some more ideas and didn’t hear back, BUT picked up two new awesome online coaching clients. So if coaching counts as freelance I’d say success!

2.      Blog at least three times a week.

Success! It’s been nice to have time to write and come up with more meaningful posts for the blog instead of churning out articles week after week.

Thanks Ange and Carmy for the link up!

Stay tuned next week for what my goals will be for November.

Did you have any goals you completed or didn’t complete this month?
What type of goal is usually the hardest for you (personal, fitness, nutrition, etc.?)
What are your goals for November?