Run. Lift. Yoga teacher training!

Remember how I was going to go to grad school this fall, but then got engaged, realized I can’t afford both an MBA program and a wedding next year, and then also realized I was feeling burnt out and decided to take a year of rest?

And then more horrible things happened in the United States (and everywhere, really), and I made a commitment to use my various platforms to speak up and be the light?

Well, somehow the events over the past year have finally lead me to do what I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now – and closes the loop, so to speak, on the Run Lift Yoga brand I dreamed up four years ago when I started taking blogging, writing and fitness a bit more seriously.

I’m doing yoga teacher training this fall!

Besides being another service I can offer along with personal training and run coaching (and being another topic I can write about), yoga teacher training is something I’ve wanted to do to deepen my own practice, which has been pretty half-assed since I started doing yoga in 2005-ish. I’m not very flexible, but I’ve been able to learn a few poses that require strength and balance, like headstands and crow pose. Flexibility is something I really need to work on, as well as breathing and what’s going on between my ears. While yoga does require some level of fitness, it’s not really about fitness; true yoga is what happens after you finish your asanas, when you’re in savasana on the mat.

Although I would have loved to jet off to Bali or India for a month to do an immersive yoga teacher training program, that option is just not possible at this time (unless I win the lottery). So I decided to reach out to the very first yoga studio I ever went to, MokSana Yoga Center, as I heard their teacher training program was excellent and their studio is one of the best in the city. After chatting with Ida, the studio owner, I decided to do the program and document my experience here on the blog, as well as share bits of the program, my progress and what I’ve learned during the teacher training program on Instagram.

The studio is in Fan Tan Alley near all my favourite places: Lululemon, David’s Tea, Mo:Le, Cafe Bliss, Hey Happy Coffee… <3

The program starts on September 23, and runs on weekends until the end of November. It will be a busy next few months, but will definitely be worth it in the end. I’m excited to share this journey with all of you and I hope it encourages you to either start practicing yoga, deepen your current practice or just read and learn more about yogic philosophies of self-awareness, mindfulness, kindness and compassion.

Have you ever thought about doing yoga teacher training – either to teach or just for yourself?
For the yogis: any advice or things I should prepare myself for?