New stuff coming to the blog!

Hi friends! Long time no chat!

I kind of disappeared (again) after new years, but for a good reason. My hubby and I took of to New Zealand for three weeks for honeymoon number two and had the most amazing time. We stayed with my family in the North Island for most of our trip, and rented a camper van to drive almost 2,500 kms around the South Island for a week. We saw so much of the country that it was almost exhausting, but we have a hard time just lying around doing nothing on vacation anyway so we wouldn’t have done it any other way!

Now that we’re back to real life, I figured I should either get back to writing regularly, start teaching yoga or maybe take on training clients again. Even though I’m fully recovered from hypothalamic amennorhea now and have started to ease back into exercise after almost three months off, I’m not ready to jump back into that world completely… BUT, luckily, my bestie Janine had a great idea for me to work on in the meantime — make all the hundreds of training plans I’ve created over the past four years available for download!

I’ve created a Programs section on the blog with three main categories so far: Strength Training, Yoga and Run. Over the next few weeks and months I’ll aim to get at least one or two new plans and programs up per week for purchase. I have so many different kinds of programs — strength training with a focus on yoga and running, strength training programs to fit into marathon training, beginner to advanced programs, marathon and half marathon training plans, upper body programs, lower body programs, core workouts, workouts for ultramarathoners, and the list goes on!

I debated about whether or not I should put all the meal plan guides I’ve made over the years with recipes on the blog, as they contain calorie information and that’s definitely not what I want people to focus on. I might redo them to remove that information and have them as merely tasty recipe and snack ideas, but I don’t know. There’s so much of that stuff out there already. What do you guys think — is that something you would like to download?

Also, let me know also if there is a specific program you would like to see or are interested in purchasing and I can make it available on the blog. I’m also hoping to get back into yoga and plan to shoot some videos soon in my new yoga space, so be sure to check back!

I promise I’ll post more soon — my brain is still in vacation mode 😉