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#WorkoutWednesday: A sample Boston Qualifier marathon training plan in honour of National Running Day!

IRun2014blankHappy National Running Day! Although I won’t be logging any miles today because Wednesdays are my resistance training days, I thought I’d put together a sample Boston Qualifier training plan in honour of the day! You can use the base of this plan (the Monday to Friday workouts) for 15 weeks to build up strength, speed and stamina leading up to the two to three weeks before race day. It’s very similar to the one I used to achieve my BQ this year, so I know it can work 😉






BQ Marathon training plan update and an exciting announcement!

Marathon training in 26 degree heat is for crazy people.

Marathon training in 26 degree heat is for crazy people.


Remember my non-new year’s resolution goals for this year? I’ve been working on goal number one for the past 10 months, and am so excited to announce I PASSED THE CSCS EXAM! In terms of practicing what I’m truly passionate about (which is helping others reach their health, fitness and happiness goals), having this accreditation helps immensely, not only as a personal trainer but also as a writer. Now when I pitch articles to publications or write ranty posts on my blog, people are more likely to give some thought to what I have to say. At least that’s my hope. (more…)

How to fit strength training into your marathon training plan

Celebrating our fastest half marathon times!

As runners, we all know we should be doing it. It should be as much a part of our training as speed drills and the long, slow run.

No, I’m not talking about stretching (even though we should do that, too).

I’m talking about strength training.

A few weeks ago, Lululemon reposted this article on their blog from Jason Fitzgerald, a running coach at, which promotes the benefits of strength training for runners. While Fitzgerald does a pretty good job of explaining why runners should incorporate strength training into their training plans and what they should be doing, he doesn’t really explain how.

Going for the BQ: 2014 goal update and my Boston-bound marathon training plan

IMG_3542It’s been six months since I declared my 2014 personal and fitness-related goals for this year: become a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), get published in a print publication, and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

So how’s that all going, you ask? (more…)

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