How to get your body back into balance after a weekend at a summer music festival

Matt and me at Sunfest 2015

Matt and me at Sunfest 2015

If you recall in my 6 things you should do to detox after a summer music festival post, I don’t actually recommend “detoxing” after a weekend of junk food, drinks and dancing late into the night, because detoxing isn’t a thing.

Although I generally followed my own tips to take care of body during last weekend’s Sunfest, such as by bringing healthier meals and snack options, mixing wine with club soda and spending the daytime swimming at the lake, I still felt gross the day after we got back. Not only was I sunburnt, filthy and dehydrated, but also my legs, feet and stomach were swollen. It was 30+ degree over the weekend, and I know I didn’t have as much water as I should have, hence the swollen legs and feet. But I also allowed myself to indulge in things I normally wouldn’t have, such as mini doughnuts, chips and other carby delights, and I definitely paid the price.

Although I don’t regret enjoying all those delicious foods at the time, all I wanted when I got back was water, fruits and vegetables for days. I actually did go out and buy a green juice, and it was delicious and so worth the $10 price tag.

Front row for Keith Urban!

Front row for Keith Urban!

While I didn’t feel like I needed to JUST drink green juice for days, I did feel like I needed to bring my body back into it’s balanced, pre-festival state ASAP. Luckily, it only took about a day for my stomach to stop hurting and for the swelling to go away by following the plan outlined below: (more…)

6 things you should do to detox after a weekend at a summer music festival


At Sunfest Country Music Festival last year. Had an amazing time!

It’s the morning after the final night of that awesome summer music festival you and your friends were at over the weekend, and you crawl out of your tent looking for water. You straighten your Woodstock-inspired Navajo headband that’s still around your forehead as you survey the dusty and trodden ground, littered with beer cans, red solo cups, half-eaten hot dogs, tipped-over camping chairs and crumpled-up chip bags. You feel terrible, immediately regretting the five or six beers — or maybe that was 10 or 12? — you had each day over the weekend, along with all the hot dogs, chips, candy and other festival food that was so hard to resist, especially after a drink or seven. You were doing so well with your diet before the weekend, eating mostly whole foods and lots of vegetables. Now you feel like you’ve ruined everything in one weekend. As you pull on your last clean pair of high-waisted, high-cut denim shorts and Bill Murray T-shirt before packing up your mess of a campsite, you vow to drink nothing but water and green juice for the next seven days. (more…)

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