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#FitFashion Friday Feature: Sustainable outdoor fashion by Nau

If you’ve ever been to Portland, Oregon (or Vancouver Island, for that matter), you’ll notice an eclectic mix of outdoor wear (think Gortex and hiking boots), hippy threads (ponchos, pantaloons and Cowichan sweaters), hipster garb (tight pants, boat shoes, plaid shirts, toques, grandpa sweaters) and various spandex attire meant for yoga, running or cycling. I wouldn’t call it fashion-forward, but I would say the clothing definitely fits the environment and how we function in it. Luckily, there is one company based in beautiful Portland, Oregon that manages to make our west coast sense of style… stylish.

Nau makes beautiful functional clothing for both men and women that’s perfectly suited for our urban-yet-wild, sometimes-rainy-hardly-snowy environment. Not only do they use sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester, wool and organic cotton, but also donate 2 per cent of every sale to a partner organization of your choice. Which is awesome and very considerate of them, considering most of us on the west coast are like this: (more…)

Help me design a t-shirt!

Well, do you?

Well, do you?

Calling all sporty fashionistas and fitness enthusiasts who’ve always wanted to sport their own clever workout slogan on a shirt — I need your help!

I need to make a t-shirt or tank top as part of my new business venture with Victoria Professional Self Defence. When you sign up for a membership with the dojo, you get a karate gi (which is awesome) and a shirt, and I want to provide some awesome workout tank tops or t-shirts for my personal training clients as well. I’m trying to come up with something to print on the front of the shirt, with my Koru Personal Training logo on the back. I would love your opinion, so if you have a minute to spare please fill out the poll below and let me know what you’d actually wear on a t-shirt! (more…)

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