Stuff you should read Saturday: Crazy fitness gurus, why I love/hate the fitness industry and the greatest bachelor party of all time

sysrsGood morning, friends. I hope you’re all having a lazy Saturday morning in bed like me with a mug of vanilla-flavoured coffee and a fluffy dog curled up at your feet. I’ve had a very rough week this week, and as much as I’d love to pour my heart out on the blog, I will refrain. Some things are best left for a moleskin journal, not a health and fitness blog.

Due to said rough week, I spent the night in last night and read (I just cracked open The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron), ate chocolate, relaxed in a bath and gave myself a french manicure. I also decided to book myself into my favourite spa for the afternoon today. I needed something nice to look forward to — I also really need a pedicure, because it’s almost sandal season and my runner’s feet are looking pretty mangled.

I was feeling slightly more optimistic this morning until I heard about the earthquake in Nepal. My heart sunk again. Sending thoughts and prayers to the beautiful people in that country.

If you have some time to catch up on internet reads this morning, here are some of my favourite posts and articles from this week: (more…)