Recipe: Homemade chocolate with raw cacao powder & cocoa butter (vegan)

jarsI usually do a variety of cookies for gifting to family and friends at Christmas, but this year I wanted to try making my own chocolate bark with raw cacao and cocoa butter. Not only does chocolate have a longer shelf life than cookies (which by now most people are probably sick of so they may not eat them right away anyway), but also… who doesn’t love chocolate?

I’ve made my own chocolate bark before using melted baking chips and adding crushed candy cane, nuts and dried fruit, but it kind of felt like cheating. I wanted to try using raw cocoa butter, the stuff real chocolate is made of.

Cocoa butter wasn’t easy to find nor cheap. I couldn’t find it at a regular grocery store, but found a bag at a local health food store for $20. There was enough for two small baking sheets of chocolate in the bag, so since I needed to make more than that I decided to make half with coconut butter and half with cocoa butter. (more…)