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[Book Review] Lose It Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind by James Fell

loseitrightDo you know how much the diet industry makes each year in revenue?

Twenty billion dollars. Each year. Just in the U.S.

And do you know how many people in the U.S. are on a diet right now?

One-hundred and eight million. Again, this is just in the U.S. And according to these stats, dieters typically attempt a diet roughly five times a year.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

There are a lot of reasons why we’re overweight and why diets fail, and James Fell does an excellent job of explaining them in his book Lose It Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind. As James puts it, “obesity is a multi-factorial condition. That means it has more causes than Cosmo has freaky sex tips.”

And that’s just one of the reasons why I love about this book. Instead of telling you to eat this, not that; exercise like this, not that — James actually explains, in plain language (that’s full of his usual humour and wit), WHY we’ve gained weight, WHY we’re struggling to lose it and WHAT STEPS we can take to get ourselves back on track. (more…)

No, you’re not fat because you’re stupid. You’re fat because the fitness industry is failing you.

litingmanFirst of all, I love Bryan Krahn’s writing. He’s entertaining, smart and to-the-point. He’s a fitness professional who gets it. His name also makes me think of Byran Cranston from Breaking Bad, which makes him even that much cooler.

But I took issue with his tongue-and-cheek blog post published last week called You’re Fat Because You’re Stupid after seeing it featured on the Personal Trainer Development Center‘s website. I see what he’s doing, and all of his arguments are totally valid; but isn’t calling people who overcomplicate and oversimplify body recomposition or expect weight loss to be quick and easy “moron[s], fool[s], [and] slack-jawed mouth-breather[s]” a form of shaming? Just because people with weight to lose turn to scapegoating (it’s the gluten that’s making me fat! Wait, no — it’s my fatiguing adrenals and leaky gut!) and the latest diet fads does not make them stupid. Diet fads, consumerism, sensationalist headlines and fear-mongering is stupid; the people who buy into them are not. As syndicated fitness columnist James Fell says in this awesome post that was also featured on the PTDC’s website, “Shaming over body weight is stupid. The evidence that the obesigenic environment and capitalism run amok are the primary culprits in the obesity epidemic is overwhelming. Being obese is rarely a choice people make. In most cases, being lean is a choice, and a damn hard one to follow through on.”

So why do we continue to buy into this stuff and ignore the advice from smart trainers like Krahn and Fell? (more…)

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